Replacing Your Roof: Don’t Miss These Warning Signs

Replacing Your Roof: Don’t Miss These Warning Signs
Replacing Your Roof: Don’t Miss These Warning Signs


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Replacing your roof can be an expensive job. However, the savings you will make in other areas will more than cover it over time. For example, in terms of greater fuel efficiency, etc. And, of course, your roof protects the whole house from the elements. There are several telltale signs that you may need to repair or replace your roof.


  1. How Old Is It?


Do you know how old your roof is? Nothing lasts forever. Look back through your maintenance receipts to see when your roof was built. Check with installers as to how long it should last. If a replacement or maintenance is required, look for an experienced roofing company. Ensure they are licensed, bonded and insured.


  1. Cosmetic Check


Start with a cursory check to assess your roof’s physical appearance. Are there any obvious signs of wear and tear? Is there any discoloration? Green-stained shingles could indicate the presence of algae. Your roof adds to the curb appeal of your home and as such, you need to maintain its physical appearance. Look for other cosmetic issues such as peeling fascias, etc.


  1. Take Out The Binoculars


There is only so much you can see from the ground. But it’s not advisable to climb on your roof. Leave this to the professionals. Instead, use a pair of binoculars to get a really good look at the state of your roof. Look at the shingles. Are there any noticeable gaps or signs of wear? Or do the shingles appear to be curling?


The chimney may also indicate problems. Take a really good look to see if there is any loose material around the chimney. Is there any vegetation growing out of it. If so, this could indicate the presence of water.


Any signs of water, rot, or mold should sound warning bells and will need to be checked out. Water may not necessarily be obvious on the roof. You may notice stains down the walls of your property, signaling problems with the guttering or downpipe.


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  1. The Gutters


The gutters’ function is to collect and carry rainwater away from the roof. Problems can occur if they become broken or blocked. Often you can see debris caught up in the guttering from the ground. But a more thorough inspection is advised. For safety reasons, this should be carried out be a professional with the right safety equipment.


The gutters can also indicate a problem with the shingles. If you see large sand-like grains building up in the gutter, this is likely to be from the shingles. It is a sign of advanced wear.


  1. The Loft


Problems with the roof can also be seen in the loft. Sit in the loft during the day and turn off the lights. If light is showing through the roof, you have a problem. Other warning signs to look out for are the appearance of sagging and any indication of water. This could be leaks and discoloration.


If you notice any problem with your roof, contact a professional contractor to take a look. As previously mentioned, your roof protects the whole of your home. Therefore, any problems should be taken seriously.




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