Pros & Cons Of Replacing Your Bath Tub With A Shower

Pros & Cons Of Replacing Your Bath Tub With A Shower
Pros & Cons Of Replacing Your Bath Tub With A Shower

One of the new interior design trends nowadays is to go tub-less. People are converting their old tubs into large showers which offer more space and, let’s face it: they look better! Just try to imagine: a walk-in shower with a beautiful glass screen vs. an old, big tub that takes up all the space.

Of course, the tub has its own purpose. However, if you’re not into taking long baths, a shower works best. Even more, according to the American Institute of Architects, the tub-less trend is growing in popularity with new house owners. So, if you’re thinking about this move, but you’re still on the fence, we put together a list of pros and cons. This way, you’ll see if moving to a tub-less bathroom is a good idea.


More space & grace

We already mentioned that a shower, especially a walk-in one will help you gain space. This space will be both optical and palpable as you will literally be able to add more storage space. A tub usually occupies an entire wall in a small bathroom. So, by removing it and dividing the wall in two areas, you will increase the space and the aspect of your bathroom.

Things will be better organized and you can go crazy and install a luxurious shower that will offer amazing moments.

No more crowding in the bathroom

Replacing the bath tub has another advantage: people won’t be blocking the bathroom for hours. This way, if you’re a big family sharing one bathroom, everyone will get to use it and no one will be left out. Of course, this also means you no longer get to take those long, relaxing baths that were so amazing.

But this doesn’t have to be a negative point. There are shower enclose cubicles on the market that also offer a massage. So you might end up feeling better after a shower and a massage than you would after a bath.

Not the perfect setting for small children

This is true; a tub should always be the first choice when you have babies or toddlers in the house. The shower is destined more for adults and children who can take care of their own daily hygiene. So, before you make the move, make sure no babies are planned in your future.

Splashes everywhere

A shower without a door usually means there will be water all over the bathroom floor. This is true if you want a handheld shower fixture. To solve the problem, it’s best to install a fixed showerhead or a rain head.

If you are set on a handheld shower fixture, then the best choice is a shower cubicle. This one isolates the shower area and keeps the water inside.

It takes some work

Like any work you do in the house, removing the tub and replacing it will take some work. You will need extra plumbing, new fixtures, and others so be prepared. The cost may be a bit high, but keep in mind that you are gaining space and increasing your home’s general value.

However, if you are not willing to invest that much into your bathroom, maybe a few tips and tricks on how to make it more practical will be of more help. Regardless of your choice, the bathroom must promote elegance and style.




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