Practical Items For Every Busy Bathroom

Practical Items For Every Busy Bathroom
Practical Items For Every Busy Bathroom




Sick of all the family fighting over the bathroom every morning? You can’t cut down on people using the bathroom, but there are some items that you can add to yours to try to speed up their time in it. You need your bathroom to be super practical so that people can be efficient once they are in it. There’ll be no more messing around in the bathroom if you buy these all-important practical items!


Heated Towel Rails


Heated towel rails can look very stylish and can easily blend in with your bathroom’s overall decor. And they also have the added benefit of being able to heat up the room! But the best thing about heated towel rails is that your towels will dry a lot quicker when they are hung on them. And that way, you won’t have the kids complaining about damp towels ever again. There’ll always be a dry towel waiting for everyone to use.




Shower Screen


Shower curtains need replacing every couple of years. That’s because they can gather a lot of mould and mildew over time. However, this isn’t the case with shower screens. All you need to do is wipe down the screen after a shower, and you won’t ever find any mould on there! Plus, shower screens completely surround your shower area so you don’t have to be worried about water splashing all over. And that will cut down on your time spent cleaning the bathroom! If you are interested in buying a shower screen, take a look at companies like Rockingham glass suppliers of shower screens.


Double Sink


One of the best ways to cut down on everyone’s time in the bathroom is to install a double sink. This way, all your kids will have room to brush their teeth at the same time. So there is no chance a queue will develop in front of the bathroom door! And a double sink also means two people can use the bathroom for different reasons at the same time. There’ll no longer be any arguments over who gets to use the sink!





Storage Space


You will need plenty of storage space in your bathroom so that everyone can store their toiletries and cosmetics. Cupboards and cabinets are the best forms of bathroom storage. And each cupboard or cabinet needs to be neatly organised. This will help everyone find their products a lot easier than if the storage was a mess. And if everyone knows where their stuff is, they won’t waste any time searching for certain products. So they can be in and out of the bathroom in no time at all!


Heated Mirror


Mirrors are necessary for every bathroom, but there is one major downside to them. They can steam up too easily, making it tricky to see yourself while you’re doing your makeup. And wiping the steam away can only make them blurry. So install a heated mirror so you are never slowed down by steam. You can have a shower and apply your makeup straight afterwards without worrying about a steamed-up mirror!





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