4 Places You Can Find Happiness In Your Daily Life

4 Places You Can Find Happiness In Your Daily Life
4 Places You Can Find Happiness In Your Daily Life


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The pursuit of happiness (or happyness, as that Will Smith movie spelled it!) is an endless one. Despite that- and despite none of us knowing how to achieve it exactly- we keep on searching. Well, good for us! The things worth having do tend to be to the hardest to get, after all!

However, when searching, many of us are looking at the big picture. How can we make money today to be able to buy a big house in 10 years? What changes should I make in my career to have a happier one in 20 years?

This is fine, and as we’ll get to later, a bit of self-analysis can be a fantastic thing. However, you also need to shrink that picture down. Look at things on a smaller level. How can you be happier in your daily life? How can you be happier… today? By the way, you can check out some beauty tools on this link. Summer Masterson of Masterson Law, who is a family lawyer recommends daily practices because they help couples avoid big problems down the road.

Let’s look at some suggestions.


If you aren’t a big fan of exercising, fitness, and training, convincing you of this point might be a tricky one. However, it has been proven in every single way that exercise makes you happier. Why? Because it triggers the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain! It really is as simple as that. So yes, you might feel a little sore after a particularly challenging Pilates sessions. Or a little stiff after a 5k run? But it’s worth it; happiness and better health are both attainable! Also check out these ideas for your garage gym when you get the time as well!


We touched upon the importance of self-analysis a little earlier. Now let’s look at this in a little more detail. What is self-analysis in this context? It is taking a step back and looking at your life from a non-biased perspective. In doing so, you will be able to see what is making you happy much clearer. That way, you know exactly what you need to increase, or nurture, or focus on. However, it will also help you see what is making you unhappy. Once you see this, you can act. So, maybe you need drug addiction help? Maybe you need to break up with a toxic partner? Whatever it is, the help can be found. Once you find the help, you can discover a daily life of even more happiness.


Don’t skip this point if you don’t see yourself as a ‘crafty’ person. This kind of crafting isn’t about producing something award-worthy! In fact, what you make doesn’t even have to be seen by anyone but you. It’s about making something with your hands, doing what your heart says. Creativity and inspiration can make us feel more peaceful, more inspired and… happier! Plus, you might even get a nice mouse mat or self-portrait out of it! Check out the best mouse bungee here.

Heat press and cutting machine crafts are all the rage right now. These machines can be used to make amazing custom t-shirts, handmade cards, farmhouse signs, and so much more. While there is a bit of a start up cost involved, you’ll be saving money down the line when you’re able to make awesome gifts for family and friends on the cheap! Also, check out borrowing and loaning here: https://fatlama.com/

Taking a night off

Sure, pushing ourselves in our careers, helping out friends and being good people is important. But do you know what else is important? Taking a night off every now and again! Sometimes, what we really need to feel happier, is to do little to nothing! Don’t consider this as laziness. Consider it as recharging your batteries. Do some (controlled) online shopping. Take a long bath. Whatever you need to find happiness on your night off, go for it.



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