Bone Jewelry from Royal Craft

Bone Jewelry
Bone Jewelry

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I had the opportunity to experience a piece of jewelry that stands out from any item of jewelry I own in my collection. The necklace I am wearing is from Royal Craft, a company that prides in making Buffalo Horn and Bone jewelry.


When I received this piece I was enthralled by its beauty and detail. The necklace is of full quality showing off its beautiful and brilliant colors. It is easy to put on as I placed it over my head and instantly became the attention grabber to my outfit. (lexingtonservices)

Each bead on the necklace is hand crafted and detailed showing the time and care that was put into my custom piece of jewelry.

Are you familiar with Bone and Horn jewelry? Here is information behind Royal Craft:

The art of bone carving is as old as the human civilization but a few were gifted with the talent to bring them to life and transform them to pieces of art. Royal Craft was established in 1984 as a cottage industry. It has since grown to be one of the largest suppliers of the raw, semi finished, finished cattle bone & horn, in all possible sizes, colors and forms, with the up-most quality.

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This was my outfit I wore showcasing my necklace. Basic black was a staple to show off my necklace!


Take a look at the Royal Craft website for more information and to browse products



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