Take The Stress Out Of Home Decoration: My Complete Guide To Style Your Whole Home

Take The Stress Out Of Home Decoration: My Complete Guide To Style Your Whole Home
Take The Stress Out Of Home Decoration: My Complete Guide To Style Your Whole Home

It can be a real exciting time when you buy or rent a new property. The thought of your new home will fill your mind with dreams of how you will decorate and the memories you will make there. But, that is when the stress can take a hold of you. The thoughts of budget and what will go where will flood your mind and make the whole experience much more negative than it needs to be.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. With some consideration into your planning and looking hard at your budget. You can formulate a plan of action to get your home decorated exactly how you want it. So take the stress out of home decoration and follow my complete guide to styling your home.




The kitchen can be the heart of any home and one of the most expensive remodelling jobs you might be faced with. Hopefully, you won’t need to do too much in the form of changing layout or kitchen cupboards. Unless of course you were aware of that then you can go kitchen shopping and start from scratch. An easy way to style up your new kitchen it to look at the colors already there and try and work with them. Of course, painting walls into a more desired color is always an option. A kitchen can become a central meeting point in the home; it can be where you discuss your days and dine together. If you have children, it may be where homework takes place. So it’s essential to style it to suit your needs. If you have space make sure you get a table and chairs in there. You may even want to consider a lounge area to create a more family room feel. This gives you the option of leaving your living space to be a more formal room you use for entertaining perhaps, or relaxing in an evening.




The bathroom is the second most expensive job when it comes to remodelling. So again if you can avoid that, then do so. Your bathroom may just require a little attention to the finer details. This might mean resealing the bath to tiles, or working on the grouting in the tiles areas. It might mean tiling the whole place completely. Which could transform the room without the need of replacing the whole bathroom suite. A bathroom can be tidied up and styled in so many ways. Mostly through the use of accessories and towel choices. You can add a lovely bright color to the room or add a theme like nautical. The options are endless. You can find a lot of inspiration when it comes to your bathroom on websites like Pinterest.



Kid’s bedrooms

If you have children, then I am guessing getting their rooms sorted will be a high priority. I think you can have so much fun when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom. There doesn’t seem to be any boundaries when it comes to the use of color or the furniture you use. You can go a little crazy because these spaces are designed to inspire the young mind. So get your children involved when it comes to color choices. I understand that some larger families will let their children share bedrooms to save on the space in the home. Which I can imagine will feel like one big adventure for the kids. Perhaps feeling like it is one big sleepover that never ends. So you could consider Cuckooland’s collection of triple bunk beds for kids. These could be a real saver on space and a big feature to the room. I think it’s important for a child’s bedroom to be functional but stylish as well. Allowing a stamp of their personality that will begin to shine through. Feature walls could be a great little design trick to make each space of the room a zone for something specific. They may need a place to work and do homework. The night like a place to relax in where some fantastic soft furnishings could be a real hit. Maybe they like reading so a dedicated corner for that would work well. It’s amazing how color can help you create different spaces.

A play room

While on the subject of children, you may want to consider creating a playroom. That is if you have space for one. Children can accumulate a lot of things over time, and toys can end up cluttering each room of the house. So having a dedicated area for all those things takes the pressure off their bedroom and also the rest of your home. It will allow some of the spaces to become more adult friendly once more. A playroom can be designed with an educational theme in mind, perhaps using one of the walls and painting it with chalk paint. This will allow your children to get creative in a place that won’t create too much mess. You could also consider wallpaper that allows your children to draw within the designated areas. It could make a great talking point, and your children will love the creative freedom it can bring.  



Dining area

A dining area should be designed and styled in exactly the way you want to use the room. If it is for formal dining, then consider decorating it in that way and using accessories like ornate lamps and strong furniture to set the tone. If it is more informal than a  light and airy decoration maybe more on the cards with playful accessories. A dining area, for many people, will be used in different ways. It will depend on whether you entertain a lot or if it’s just you and the family. If you have a space for eating in the kitchen, you may want to keep a dining area separate for more formal and special occasions. This might mean you display your best china and tableware. A lovely piece of furniture to have in a dining area would be a traditional dresser. Where you can have plates and glassware on display.

Living space

When it comes to a living space, you may want to decide again how you want to use the room. Of you have a more informal living area in your kitchen, then you want to keep this room more adult like or for entertaining. A great styling tip for a living space is to create a feature wall. You could do this in many ways. It might mean painting it in a darker or vibrant color to the rest of the rooms decor. It might mean using wallpaper in a particular design. You could get creative and create a photograph montage wall. It’s quite simple to do. Buy some frames in the same size and same color. Fill them with your favorite photos. Then line them up in a square shape or rectangle depending on the amount of space you have to work with. It’s a real feature and a lovely way to remember some of those captured memories.



Master bedroom

The master bedroom can often be forgotten in the decoration phase. Many times you can be more distracted by the other rooms in your home and it becomes a lower priority on your to do list. But it’s important for you to have a nice relaxing space to retreat to at night. A place that you feel comfortable in and recharges the soul. Figure out the type of theme you want and then go crazy with cushions, blankets, and candles. Aromatherapy candles can be a great feature for a bedroom and can set the tone for a relaxing evening ahead. Especially if you consider using a lavender scent. Try and decorate in more relaxing and pastel shades to ease the mind.

I hope this has helped you think more clearly about the decoration of your home.





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