Budget House Parties VS Blowout House Parties: A How To

Budget House Parties VS Blowout House Parties: A How To
Budget House Parties VS Blowout House Parties: A How To

Sometimes we want to have a house party that doesn’t cost much. For other occasions, we want to go all out! This is exactly what this guide is for. For activities, drinks and food, you can discover how you can go about getting what you want.

Don’t forget; you could also mix and match! So, if food and drink don’t matter as much to you as activities, save money on the first two and splash your cash on the second. You have the freedom to tailor the party to you and your guests. Read on to find out more…

Budget House Party Activities

Anybody who says they are too old for party games doesn’t deserve a place on your guestlist! With enough prep and enthusiasm, even the cheesiest of games can be totally hilarious. Think Twister is for kids? Just wait until five of your best mates are utterly tangled together on the floor! Or if you’ve got a space big enough, Hide and Seek or Sardines is likely to end in hysterical laughter. Best of all? All of these things are free! Don’t forget that the games you play don’t have to be designed for kids. If you are organizing an adult party, drinking games can be great fun.

Blowout House Parties Activities

If you want lots of dancing at your house party, and have the budget, how about hiring a DJ? Ditch the iPod and mini speakers and get a professional in instead. You could even hire a dedicated dancefloor. White, starlight ones always look stunning.

If your house party in in honor of a bride-to-be, how about hiring some cheeky butlers? Alternatively, you could do life drawing of a model, and then compare what you’ve all come up with!


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Budget House Party Drinks

Buying from an online liquor depot is definitely your best bet to get affordable party drinks. This is just one way that having a house party can be significantly cheaper than going to a bar or club.

Blowout House Parties Drinks

If you’ve got the cash to spend, and alcohol is your focus, how about hiring a mobile cocktail bar? They will come to your party, bringing staff, expertise, and ingredients along. You can decide which cocktails they’ll offer, or leave it in their hands! If your party is for a special event, like Halloween, you could even get themed drinks!


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Budget House Party Food

If you’re having a party with close friends, how about asking them all to bring a dish along? You could do the basics, like nuts and potato chips, and they do the main meals? Alternatively, how about getting everyone to chip in for a takeaway? Or you could just start the party late enough that everyone will have had a meal at home before arriving!

Blowout House Parties Food

Just like the mobile cocktail bar idea, how about hiring a food truck to come to your party? Have tex-mex themed food to match a summer party theme. Or how about good old burgers and chip? Pizza trucks are another great idea, as they can make them fresh for your guests right in front of them. Who doesn’t love pizza, after all?!


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