Effective Ways To Keep Your Whole Family Organised



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Maybe you think back to the days when it was just you that you had to keep organised, and long for it to be like that again. Or maybe you look back and remember that you were never that organised even when it was just you! Either way, keeping an entire family organised is never easy! With so many different commitments and priorities, managing everyone in a successful manner can be a real battle.

However, we all know how beneficial it can be to be organised! It can keep everyone’s stress and anxiety levels down. It means less chance of getting fines or charges for being late to dealing with things. And, if you are successful, you’ll discover free time that you never had access to before!

Luckily for you, you’re now in the right place. Read on for a number of effective ways to keep your whole family organised.

A wall planner

The great thing about a wall planner is how visual it makes your commitments and schedules. You can see, right in front of you, everybody’s plans. The rest of the family can see it too! This means less chance of people not knowing what is happening day to day. It also means that “I didn’t know” is no longer a good excuse. As long as everyone gives the wall planner a quick once over every day, you should all be clear what is going on.

A personal family planner

A diary planner is basically a more compact versions of wall planners! They still have the benefit of allowing you to see your plans and commitments. However, because it is in a diary, it is small enough to carry around with you wherever you go. Keep one with you, and most importantly, keep it up-to-date. A diary with nothing in it is about as much use as no diary at all! However, if it is maintained properly, you can check in on plans without needing to be at home.

Weekly family meetings

“But we are never all in the house at the same time!” This is often the excuse people come up with as to why they can’t have weekly family meetings. Well, that is the whole point of making a clearer schedule for everyone. By doing this, it should free up time, thereby allowing you to all have at least some time together in the house. Do it over dinner, if you think you won’t be distracted. Otherwise, just sit down together for a little while. It only needs to take fifteen minutes. You can use this time to find out what everybody is doing that week, and discuss what events need prioritising. Knowing a few days in advance that one person’s piano recital clashes with an important meeting means there is still time to find a way around it.

Set new house rules

When you let your family know that there are going to be things put in place to make everyone more organised, set some rules in place also. Stuff like not keeping the house a clutter-free zone will cut down on jobs. Also, be firm with everybody putting all of their plans on the wall planner as soon as they know about them.


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