The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Sleek & Stylish Living Room

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Out of all the rooms in your home, your living room is probably the most used. It’s the space that you entertain in, relax in, and eat in on the odd occasion, so it needs to be a room that you love. There are lots of fantastic design options for creating beautiful living rooms. Of these, one of the most popular right now has to be the modern look. There’s something about the beautiful minimalism of modern design that’s perfect for using in such a versatile space.

Fortunately, sprucing up your lounge to create a sleek, modern look is much easier than you would think. It’s just a case of getting design inspiration and working out what decor and features you want to incorporate. Hopefully, when it comes to inspiration, this guide will give you the help you need. However, you may also find Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Instagram useful resources for decor inspo.

Neutrals are key

We’ll start with the most basic of things – the colour scheme. The first thing you should know about modern living room design is that neutrals are key. This means using white, beige, tan, or grey as the main colour for the space. These shades may not be bright or eye-catching, but when it comes to stylish home design, they’re essential. Small splashes of colour can be added with accessories, but the main scheme should be neutral.

For the paint type, for best results opt for chalk-style, matte paints. The last thing you want in a chic, stylish space is gloss paint. Matte paints give a more sleek feel, so if possible, opt for a matte paint. When it comes to decor success, it’s not just about the colour but also the finish.

Sleek furniture and features


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Another essential when it comes to home decor is getting the furniture and features right. Again, what you want to look for are pieces that are classy, elegant, and most importantly, sleek. Don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to your furniture and features. Instead of opting for a plain sofa, why not select a neutral patterned one? For a coffee table, avoid tradition and pick a design that is unique in some way. Bypass the normal straight or circular designs and go for a table with a difference, like a hexagonal design.

For the features, let’s start with flooring. Carpet is a no in any modern space – it’s all about hard flooring. For a stylish and sleek lounge, both hardwood or tile flooring is ideal. It’s just a case of working out which style works best for your home. A feature that a lot of interior designers are raving about right now in modern spaces is gas fireplaces, as these have so much potential. Because the designs of gas fireplaces come with so many options, they’re perfect for adding as an accent piece.

Accessories should be minimalistic and stylish


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Without a few well thought out accessories, your living room will look and feel a little dull. Even minimalistic spaces need accessories to help add a little personality. Just don’t go mad with them, as too many items will make your living room look messy. Modern lounges are meant to be free of clutter, so it’s important only to select a few pieces to add to the space.

Accessories that have an industrial look and feel to them – aka designs made from metal, can work well. From lamps and coasters to fruit bowls, industrial inspired pieces are ideal for adding extra style.

Breathing new life into your living room with a stylish makeover is much easier than you would think. It’s just a case of ensuring that you pick the right colour scheme and style of furniture and features.


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