Purex plus Clorox 2 Detergent Review & Giveaway


Spring is here and that means enjoying the warmer weather, being outside, and more dirty laundry! Yes, with all of the good Spring brings, so does all different types of stains. From kids playing in the grass, to spilling drinks on tablecloths, the season begins of longer and tougher laundry days. Luckily I was able to tackle all of these problems using no extra time or stress thanks to the new Purex plus Clorox 2 Detergent. I took my toughest stains to the test to see how the Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent would work and I was blown away from the results!

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p style=”text-align: center;”>Purex plus Clorox 2 is easy to use. Fill the cap, pour and start your laundry! There is no need for extra time to rub the stains out or any waiting time. It is easy as pie!


Benefits of using Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent:

*Safe for colors and bleach free*

*Contains 3 stain-fighting enzymes to remove 100 stains*

*Removes starchy stains like chocolate and tomato sauce*

*Removes protein-based stains like grass and blood*

*Removes foods stains that use guar gum like ice cream and BBQ sauce*

*Available in two fragrances: Original Fresh and Sunny Linen*


I wanted to put this detergent to the ultimate test so I used my dirtiest towel used outside for gardening that was stained with dirt and grass.


I filled the cap to the preferred amount and there was no need to soak the towel using extra time.


I placed my towel in with the rest of my load of laundry, using the Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent for the entire load.


I poured the detergent into the washer. I used my normal cycle for warms and started my machine.


After drying, the final result was revealed and there were NO stains to be seen! I was so happy and could not believe how spotless the towel was. The white color remained vibrant and the quality was better than ever.


I give my seal of approval and thumbs up to the Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent. This will be my favorite product for the season! Bring on the stains!


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“The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.”


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