How To Transform Your Garden Into A Beautiful Space

How To Transform Your Garden Into A Beautiful Space
How To Transform Your Garden Into A Beautiful Space

Summer is on the way, which means that if your garden isn’t already a beautiful space, now is the time to change that. A lot of us neglect our gardens through the winter. Then come summer, spend most of the nice weather focusing on updating them gardens instead of enjoying them. However, if you start updating your garden now, come summer it will be a beautiful space perfect for relaxing in.

It’s easy to think that your garden doesn’t matter and instead focus on your home, but come summer, you’ll regret it. If this year you’re hoping to hold lots of BBQs, now is the time to focus on your garden. To inspire you and make updating your garden a little easier, I thought I would share a few ideas visit:

Declutter and remove any weeds


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Neatening up your outdoor space is a good starting point. Go around your garden picking up anything that shouldn’t be there. Any items that are broken or you no longer want, get rid of. Anything that you still want or need place in storage in your shed or garage.

Once you’ve got rid of any clutter, the next thing to focus on is the weeds. Often, over the winter, we allow our gardens to get a little overgrown. While your yard may be covered with weeds, with the right tools it won’t take long to clear. As well as a pair of sheers, you’ll also need some weed killer spray. Just make sure that if you have pets, to opt for a pet-friendly one.

Mow the lawn and trim the hedges

Now that your garden is free of weeds, the next step is to neaten up the space. Start off with the lawn – using a lawn mower trim the grass down to a good length. If you notice that your grass is patchy, once you’ve trimmed it sprinkle some grass seed and fertiliser around. To encourage healthy grass growth, the best thing you can do is cut it regularly. As well as trimming the lawn, it’s also a good idea to neaten up the hedges. If you have any hedgerows or bushes in your garden, using shears trim any ragged areas.

Create an area for relaxing


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Choose a corner of your garden and create an area for relaxing in – somewhere that you can host BBQs and summer parties. Instead of using the grass for this area, consider having a patio or deck installed. While these types of updates don’t come cheap, adding a deck or patio is the perfect way to transform the space.

Both patios and decks are great options; it’s just a case of choosing the one that is most suitable. For instance, while pressure treated lumber decks are smart and stylish, patios do tend to last longer. That being said, patios don’t tend to be as easy to keep looking smart as decks. Both options are great for creating an outdoor relaxation space; it’s just a case of picking the perfect one.

Don’t forget the small details

Just like when you’re decorating the inside of your home, when it comes to updating your garden, the small details are important. Things like garden furniture, outdoor candles, and pretty plant pots can give the space a certain type of vibe. Fairy lights, outdoor cushions, and even outdoor art, can make a big difference to your garden. If you want to create a beautiful space, it’s crucial not to forget the small details.

To create a beautiful garden that you love, take the tips and ideas above, on board.




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