Reasons Why Your Garden Is No Fun (And How To Change It)

Reasons Why Your Garden Is No Fun (And How To Change It)
Reasons Why Your Garden Is No Fun (And How To Change It)

Gardens tend to be an area of the home that many of us neglect. Unless we’re fortunate enough to live in a warm climate, there are usually a thousand things we’d rather do than get outside and work. Before we know it, there is weeding, pruning, and general tidying to be done. What many of us don’t acknowledge, however, is that neglecting the garden is the same as neglecting an entire room. Sometimes one of a generous size. Not only are we not utilising space effectively, but we’re also missing out on all the social opportunities a garden offers. What better way to wile away a balmy Summer evening than a barbecue with friends or candlelit meal outdoors? Many of us are overwhelmed by getting our garden in shape. For others, the garden may not be overwhelming but is simply in a state of “blah”. Bear with me. “Blah” would be a garden with no obvious faults or defects, but that seems dull or uninviting some how. Whatever your budget and timescale, you can improve the look of your garden and reclaim all its benefits! Browse the list below for the most common reasons that your garden is no fun.


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Reason 1: It’s All On One Level

A great way to add visual interest to your garden is to mix up the levels. If you have one long stretch of land it can be very bland and uninviting. Try mixing things up by adding a platform or patio. If you find a reputable supplier like George Hill Timber merchants and buy your own supplies and start a great DIY project! If renovations aren’t your area, call in a professional. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, try platforms and stacking for plants. A herb garden on a platform can be an attractive, eye-catching feature. If you have a tree, why not hang extra baskets from the branches? Adding intrigue both above and below eye level can give your garden a dynamic, layered quality. It makes it far more fun to spend time in and even has an element of surprise when you see something new.

Reason 2: There’s No Visual Focus

Designing your garden in terms of where the eye is drawn can be a good starting point. A sculpture or water feature can make a wonderful centrepiece. Why not consider adding a pond too? Not only will it benefit local wildlife, but the sound of water can be hugely soothing and add personality. You can decorate with additional plants and ornaments around the edge or in the water. Visual focus on intrigue is entirely down to taste. If you prefer a minimal look, adding simple sculptures or planting flowers in linear formations can be very effective. If you prefer a more natural, abundant feel, combine pot plants with planted bushes and shrubs. Aim to create a sense of life and vibrancy without becoming overcrowded.

Reason 3: You’re Not Creative With Light

If we rely only on natural light, we lose the whole evening in our garden! Evening and nighttime can be one of the best times of day in our garden. Especially if we plant night blooming herbs like jasmine for a beautiful aroma. Adding fairy lights and candles positioned in a safe place for a magical atmosphere that will last long into the night.




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