How You Can Get Your Home Ready for Spring

How You Can Get Your Home Ready for Spring
How You Can Get Your Home Ready for Spring

I don’t know why, but there is something about spring that makes us want to redecorate or do something new with our home. It’s almost like we hibernated over winter and now come out and want to make some changes! Of course, a spring clean is in order too. Quite a few areas can get neglected over winter. It just feels good when our homes have had a big, deep clean, right? I can’t be the only one that thinks this?

One of the first things that I like to do, is to spruce up areas of the home with fresh flowers or fruit. Getting a funky bowl full of brightly coloured fruit will brighten up an otherwise boring shelf or table. Fresh flowers look so great anywhere. They don’t have to be in big bunches either. They could be a few stems at a time or a single bud. Putting them in things like mason jars instead of classic vases makes them look awesome too. You could always mix up the two. Fill a large vase with something like lemons or limes and top it up with water. Then add a few flower stems to top it off.



You don’t need to get all new furniture, as that is completely unnecessary. You can just update what you have with new throws or accent cushions. You could even just swap the type of lampshade that you have. Put the others into storage and just roll them out when it is winter again. Some brightly coloured pillows or cushions would look amazing on a dark leather sofa. Get a few that are all slightly different. One could be plain, one could be chevron print and one could have a different pattern. I think the eclectic look is so stylish and perfect for spring.



If you have carpets, they can get quite dirty over the winter months. More mud and dirt being brought into the home. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, a great option to update your home is to invest in some new rugs. They work well for wooden flooring too. Choosing natural fibres rugs such as sisal and jute is a great choice. The fibres are hard wearing. The fibres are woven into some of the most comfortable and stylish floor coverings around. Rugs just add a new dynamic to the room, without having to replace any flooring.

Your updates don’t just have to be for the downstairs. Fresh flowers would work so well in a bedroom. Another option for a bedroom would be updating the bedding. Fresh, crisp white sheets will make the world of difference to the room. (cialis) Get rid of any thick throws or covers and embrace the warmer weather. Getting a few new mirrors can open a bedroom right up and make it look so much bigger. It will make it seem so much brighter and lighter too. Do you have plans for a spring clean or update over the next few weeks?


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