4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom
4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Decorating your home is a very personal thing. You choose the colour, the furniture and the accessories to create a style that reflects you. But as we grow and change so do our tastes and style. This is why the rooms in our homes tend to look dull and irrelevant after a year or two. Especially in a personal space such as your bedroom. But changing the look and feel of your home every 12 months is not always feasible. Thankfully there are things you can do that will spruce up your bedroom and make it feel like brand new.


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Change your bedding

Your bed should be the focal point in your bedroom, and the easiest way to make it stand out is with some amazing bedding. Look for a bold design or colour that compliments but makes an impact every time. Also, use throw cushions in varying sizes to make it look even more chic. Consider the texture used in the fabrics of your bedding and cushions and go for something that looks and feels smooth and soft. That way you will never want to get out of bed. Also consider replacing your mattress, pillows and duvet. If these items are old and have lost their shape, your bed won’t look as fabulous as it could. Look at John Ryan By Design King size mattresses and King of Cotton for pillows and duvet covers to make your bedding look much more luxurious.


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Re- arrange your shelves

We all have shelves, tabletops and bookcases in our bedrooms that display our belongings. Whether you’re displaying books, ornaments or photographs, these storage spaces are highly useful. But over time, these can look cluttered and tend to lose their novelty which means you often will overlook it. So to keep it looking fresh, clean and tidy, make an effort to clean and re-arrange your shelves every so often. There may be items on there that haven’t been moved in a while, and you may have forgotten all about them. Don’t fill your shelves too much and consider grouping similar items together. Mix it up every so often and change the items you have on display so they always draw your attention. You could also buy some patterned storage boxes. These will bring some colour and design to your shelves while also keeping your belongings neatly organised.


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Update your hardware

Sometimes, changing even the smallest of details can breathe new life into your bedroom. So take a look at all of the handles on your wardrobe, chest of drawers and doors. If they look a little bit worse for wear, why not update them with something more decorative. You could buy porcelain or glass door and cabinet knobs from suppliers like Simple Door Handles. These can change the look of your furniture almost instantly. These will add a touch of glamour and luxury to your bedroom without having to replace every item of furniture. You can also find some fantastic used door handles from vintage fairs and second-hand stores if you want to create a more rustic feel.  Carefully consider the detailing and decoration used on your hardware to make sure it’s still in keeping with the rest of your decor.


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Refresh your lighting

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on your bedroom. It can create a cosy, warm feeling or open up the space making it feel larger and brighter. So consider what kind of feel you want from your bedroom and determine whether your current lighting if right or not. You could install strip lighting on your shelving units and inside your wardrobe. This will add functionality to your room and highlight particular areas you want to be noticed. You could also install a dimmer switch to create a more soothing atmosphere as and when you need it. Look in homewares shops for interesting lamps that you can display on your bedside table and on shelves. These will attract your attention as well as making your room look lighter and brighter in darker corners. You could also change your primary light fitting to something more elaborate such as a mini chandelier. You’ll notice that your room feels much larger and easier to navigate as a result of your new lights.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, whether it’s sleeping, getting ready for a night out or just relaxing. So it’s important to create an interior look that we like. Give your room a spruce up every so often so it continues to be a fresh and inspiring space for you to enjoy.





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