Make Your University Room Feel More Homely With These Brilliant Ideas

Make Your University Room Feel More Homely With These Brilliant Ideas
Make Your University Room Feel More Homely With These Brilliant Ideas

Going to University is a life-changing and nerve-wracking experience. This is the start of a new phase in your life where you’re going to become a more educated and independent person. It’s also going to be the place where you meet new people, discover your passion and learn more about yourself. University rooms and dorms are known for not being terribly exciting, and little imagination is used in their decor. But to make your University experience far more comfortable, you need to make this room your own. So use these brilliant ideas and let your personality shine out of every part of your new home.



Use cushions and throws

For the first week or so, you will probably spend most of your free time getting to know your new flatmates. So make your room as inviting as possible with plenty of cushions and throws that you can place on your bed, on the floor and on chairs. This will create a snug area where you can chat and get to know one another. Not only that, they will make you feel more at ease and comfortable in your new surroundings. Look for cushions and throws that have bright patterns and colours on them to bring some personality and style to your room.



Add different sources of light

The majority of University rooms will have at least one source of light when you move in. But this can often make your room feel artificial and bland. So add multiple sources of light to boost functionality and make your room feel cosy. Consider the areas where you will need to the most light such as above your desk. This needs to be well lit for when you’re burning the midnight oil and completing essays and coursework. So choose a decorative lamp that gives out plenty of light for when you are working. Also, consider times when you want to relax in your room. You can use rope lighting or fairy lights around your desk, cabinets and noticeboards to create a dimmed lighting effect. Which is ideal for when you want to chill out and watch a movie.



Include the things you love

The best way to show off who you are and what you like is by filling your new room with the things you love. Items such as family photographs, ornaments and artwork are the things that will make you feel most at home. They will all bring some much-needed familiarity and comfort when you’re feeling homesick. So use your notice boards and shelves to show off all the things you love for everyone to see.

Making your University room feel as homely as possible will make it far easier for you to settle in. Especially in the first few weeks. Before you do anything, check with the staff at your University accommodation about what you can and can’t do. This will vary from place to place and could affect whether you get your deposit back in full or not. So adapt to the rules and make your room the envy of all your housemates.


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