That Long Distance Move And How To Make It Much Easier


A move is a big time for any person or family. There’s a lot to be organised and plenty of stress that can come with it. If you add a long distance into the equation, you’re adding a lot more hassle to deal with, too. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a good plan and the right know-how going forward, you can take the pain out of just about any move, no matter how far.


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Plan well in advance

The plans for your move should not be waiting until the last week of living at your old home. You should begin planning and putting the wheels in motion eight weeks before your move. Make a checklist of everything you’re going to move and how you’re going to do it. By splitting the time into individual tasks on a timeline, you’re avoiding any last minute panic.


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Get rid of what you don’t need any more

Moving even the things you want is a job that takes a lot of planning and coordination. So to make things easier, you should be losing those you have no intention of using or keeping. It’s not difficult to clear a lot of space without being wasteful. Start selling your unwanted items early with online sales and rummage sales. Donate what you can before moving. You don’t have to throw out the kitchen sink, but you’ll be glad you’ve trimmed the fat off your move.


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The packing

As we’ve already stated, the packing should begin well before the move itself. But there are other ways you can organise it to be a much easier task. Labelling boxes with colour coded post-its takes a lot of the time out of figuring where everything goes. Also, make sure you visit places like local liquor stores to ask for their spare boxes. Most businesses will be glad to get rid of them and these places have a lot in particular.


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Moving everything there

You should start arranging the moving help as early as you can. You can rent a van yourself or hire a company for it. Just make sure your expectations fit their services by asking up-front. If you want them to help pack and unpack the vans, you need to make sure they do that. If you have more than one car to transport, you may want to get car shipping quotes as well.


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Kitting out the home

If it’s a particularly long move, you may not be able to take a lot of the furniture and appliances you once had. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to have a list of the things you’re going to need in your new home.


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Get to know the new place

Moving to a new area can be a bit intimidating and make you feel closed off from the world. It’s a good idea to start getting to know your neighbourhood and the people around you as quick as possible. If you don’t know where to start off, the site can help you find it.


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