Brighten Any Day With These Mood Boosting Ideas


I’m always on the lookout for ideas that make me feel good and look good. And sometimes looking good is enough to make me feel good! We all have off days when we’re not feeling quite so fantastic. Those are the days you might feel like heading back to bed and curling up under the duvet with a chocolate bar. But there are plenty of other ways to boost your mood and make you feel fabulous. Check out my favorites:


I do love to run! I know you think that motivation to get up and do something physical like that is hard to find when you’re feeling blue. But if you can just throw on your sweats and get out there you will feel fabulous in just ten minutes. And then you’ll want to run for another ten minutes! Yes, you might look a bit sweaty at the end of it. But you can enjoy the best shower of your life knowing you’ve washed away the bad mood and done a good thing for your health too.


Image source PercyPants

Change Something

It doesn’t have to be anything big, but I like to change something when I’m feeling a little lacklustre. You can buy a new purse, or even head to Put a Case on Me to brighten up your phone. Perhaps you want to try a new eyeshadow or even a whole new hairstyle? It’s a little like saying ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ Changing something gives you a fresh start somewhere in your life, and that could be all you need.


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Get Some Company

You might have an old pal you haven’t chatted with for ages. Or maybe you just need a good night in with your partner. Perhaps you haven’t been to see your Mom in a while, or you have a fur baby that gives you the best cuddles in the world. When you’re feeling down, getting some company provides a great distraction. It also reminds you that you have all the support in the world, and plenty of love too. They can help you find that positive attitude once more so you can conquer all.


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Retail Therapy

A new outfit cheers me up every time. But you don’t have to go to the fashion stores. You might just fancy browsing for a new CD, or even a trinket or ornament. You don’t have to spend a little money, but it can be really nice to treat yourself once in awhile. And if you’re feeling a little down, a treat like that can go a really long way to help boost your mood.


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Spa Day

Spa days are perfect for helping you to unwind and relax. Several hours of massage and pampering is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Heading down there with a girl friend is even better. Let the jacuzzi bubbles melt away your frown, and the manicurist makes you look and feel gorgeous again.

It’s not often that we get to feeling anything less than positive about life. But when it does happen it’s nice to have a few different ways to tackle a bad mood. What’s your favorite way to cheer up?






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