Date Night Jar


Winter is a great time to get those creative juices flowing. Being cooped up inside is a great opportunity to make do it yourself crafts. For Valentine’s day, I made a Date Night Jar. This is a easy, cheap and fun craft, that really lets you be creative. I had fun coming up with different date ideas. Especially for Summer, because I am desperately awaiting its arrival!

The process is simple for this project. Write date night ideas on Popsicle sticks, categorizing them, and place them into the jar, adding a label. When date night rolls around, pull out a Popsicle stick from the category you select and go enjoy your date! This will help with sticking to a weekly date night and also gives you a chance to maybe try something you both have not done. If you have children, involve them by helping you come up with ideas, or create a ‘family’ category!

If you need extra help with thinking of ideas, leave a comment and I will send my list!

Supplies: Popsicle Sticks, Mason Jar, Fabric, Scissors (Not pictured: Mod Podge)First, I cut a square of fabric that would fit the top of the jarThis adds an extra creative touch Next, I printed the label and colored in the blank squares  into five separate categories:

1. Stay at home
2. Go out: $ (less expensive)
3. Go out: $$$ (more expensive)
4. Summer
5. Winter

I then wrote each idea onto the Popsicle sticks with a Sharpie marker 

(If you need help with ideas, leave a comment and I will send you my list!)Using Mod Podge, I applied the label onto the jar and let dry   I finished my jar by placing the Popsicle sticks in it and tying a ribbon around the lid!


  • Popsicle Sticks (Bought mine at Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Mason Jar
  • Sharpie’s
  • Mod Podge
  • Your choice of supplies to decorate the jar (Stickers, Ribbon, Fabric, etc.)

How To Make:

1. Categorize your Popsicle sticks into sections. Mine were:

  • Stay at home
  • Go out: $ (less expensive)
  • Go out: $$$ (more expensive)
  • Summer
  • Winter

2. Using a sharpie marker, write down each date idea onto the Popsicle sticks. (Let dry)
3. Make a label if you desire. (Mine can be found HERE from BabyLovingMama)4. Mod-Podge your label onto the jar or punch a hole and tie to ribbon if handmade.5. Decorate the jar however you desire!

~*~If you need help with ideas, comment below and I will send you my list~*~

Have fun and be creative!


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