Buffalo horns-the newest “do” in the jewelry department?


I was contacted with an opportunity to feature a guest post. It is about a style of jewelry I personally have never heard of; Buffalo Horns. Once learned what they were and how detailed these pieces are made, instantly made me a fan. They are inexpensive, beautifully hand crafted and will wear with any style or color of clothing!

Below is a guest post article about these unique jewelry accessories.  


Who would’ve thought buffalo horns could be used for anything other than keeping ale? No one would’ve given these horns a second look because APPARENTLY they did not have the potential to be beautiful enough. All this has now changed. Buffalo horns incorporated with the newest technology to shape, shine and craft them have turned into the newest jewelry necessity.

Just recently I was standing at a jewelry store, looking for a bangle that would be casual enough to wear with any outfit yet be classy enough to draw everyone’s attention (yes I’m one of THOSE kinds). I was actually tired of buying the same sort of bangles. It was always either wood or metal or plastic. I wanted something new and something better and VOILA! There I spotted it, in the very corner of the shelf; it was my first buffalo horn bangle.


The texture of these bangles is really smooth and shiny and the neutral and earthy colors of the horn make the Buffalo horn bangle wearable with any outfit. I believe that the speed with which these pieces are gaining popularity is sure to make it the newest “do” of your wardrobe.

Buffalo horn bangles are made after a very extensive procedure that includes sanding, cutting, shaping and finally glossing. Though the procedure is so extensive the bangles are not really that expensive. Considering the fact that I can wear my bangle with so many outfits; I’d deem it money well spent indeed.

These bangles are usually available in tones of brown which makes them very neutral. Even if you’re dress does not have a hint of brown, the bangle goes well with all skin tones, making you stand out. I actually like wearing my bangles with completely contrasting colors to give my attire a unique look.

What’s the best thing about buffalo horn bangles? Well not only are they sturdy to the core but because they have not been chemically treated they are 100% natural which means that you can be free of the fear of any allergies what so ever! The Horn is very malleable which means that all the pieces can be given their unique style and they still hold their shape.

If you still haven’t figured it out; yes I am a buffalo horn jewelry fan! I believe that wearing things that are new and unique should be the motto for everyone. I got all that and a little more from my first buffalo horn bangle, Just the feeling of wearing something so natural and basic brightens my day and uplifts my mood. I hope that after reading this post you too will go to your nearest store or online store and buy a buffalo horn bangle that does your wardrobe wonders too.

About me:

A Student, artist, ardent traveler and a fan of all things new and exciting. I believe in living in the moment and enjoying what is happening rather than worrying about what will. I make horn comb and horn bangles for my online store. 🙂

Sources: southasiatrading.com


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