*Running Attire*

underarmour pink tank top

fitness workout outfit

I attempt to look cute while running. I am usually dripping sweat and have no makeup on when I run, so feeling good while running means something to me. I love running clothes. You can basically pair anything together and it will match. My wardrobe is now all active wear and I can not get enough. My favorite item: My pink under armour shoes. Their pink, enough said. The only problem is they are not a good fit for my feet. New running shoes are already on my Christmas list! But I just love the look of them and they are very lightweight.

Comfort is the most important thing. I like fitted v-neck t-shirts and for tank tops, I prefer the loose fit. I do not like wearing cotton shirts anymore. I feel I get more heat trapped in and they stick to my body and are just not comfortable. Everything I now have needs to be dri-fit. I love the wicking technology and the polyester. My favorite one is my pink under armour dri-fit tank. I know they are pricey but the one I have I wash at least twice a week and it still looks brand new. With some things, you just have to invest because you can not beat the quality. I did recently buy a dri-fit teal tank top from JC Penney for $10 and I will see how that holds up. It works wonderful when I run. The main difference is that the sweat stays longer where the under armour dries instantly. But for a $20 price difference, I can not beat it!

under armour running outfit

Shirt: Kohls Department Store

Shorts: Soffe Shorts

Workout outfits for woman   active wear for woman

 Running Shorts: Macys

Tank Top: Aeropostale

running shirt and shorts

Tank Top: JC Penney

Shorts: Soffe Shorts

running workout clothes

Capris: JC Penney

underarmour pink tank top

Tank Top: Underarmour

(My 1st 5K and before my weight loss…can’t you tell?! I sure can!)

underarmour white top

Top: Underarmour

Capris: JC Penney

So these are some of my active-wear outfits. As you can see, I love wearing brighter colors when running. Now that the weather is cooling down, we will see where my fitness wardrobe will take me. I have a feeling there will not be anymore tank tops and shorts!


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