The Most Popular Uses of Lanyards


Employees, students, attendees at a convention or conference, or visitors in a sprawling complex, everyone has to wear a lanyard. But, apart from being used as an ID lace, it has other functions. You may use a lanyard for keys, electronic gadgets, hiking gear, etc. Read this article to find out the most popular uses of these lanyards.

ID cards in schools and offices

Lanyards are frequently used in schools, colleges, and workplaces to hold ID cards and badges. Some lanyards come with a badge reel attached to them to facilitate tapping the ID card onto a scanner or showing the ID to security personnel. In most prominent institutions and corporate houses, lanyards feature the logo or name of the organization. 

These accessories create a team spirit and a sense of pride among pupils and employees. To make sure that the names of the organizations are visible, most schools and offices use polyester or nylon lanyards.

Electronic gadget holders

Investing in protective accessories for electronic gadgets is essential. When you buy something, you hardly think about damaging or paying additional charges to repair it or buying an altogether new item. If you tend to drop your gadgets, it is safer to hold them with lanyards. Clasps, hooks, and loops assist you in attaching almost all types of handheld devices to a lanyard. You can simply carry them around your wrist or waist or link them to your bag. This way, you do not lose the gadgets. 

Promotional and fundraising materials

If you wish to promote your brand and its offerings in a concert, convention, or conference, the easiest and cheapest way to do so is to distribute lanyards showing your company’s name. 

Charitable institutions and non-profits that want to raise funds also turn to lanyards for a pocket-friendly and creative solution. 

The lanyards for giveaways are available in nylon, polyester, or woven and tubular forms. Depending on the design needs and budget, they also come with customization options, such as clips. 


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Like electronic gadgets, keys also get misplaced. As they are small, the chances of losing them are manifold. You often keep them somewhere and forget all about them till you need them. You have to search for the keys and rack your brains hard. But, if you still do not find the keys, you have to opt for a new one. These days, car keys have electronic key fobs along with the main metal key. Depending on the fob model, you may have to bring out hundreds of dollars to get a new car key. 

Thankfully, a lanyard for keys saves you from all the problems. You can utilize it as a keychain by customizing the accessory with a hook or a keyring attachment. Wear it around your neck or waist, and you will never forget where your keys are the next time.

Hiking and camping gear

As a hiker, camper, angler, or hunter, you can use lanyards to hold several things. Since you have to carry pocket knives, multi-tools, portable cookware, lighters, food & water containers, flashlights, whistles, and emergency beacons, among other things, remembering which one to carry may turn challenging at times. 

The lanyards for holding these items are usually made of nylon to ensure durability. You may also use paracord lanyards to untangle and use them as a rope for climbing when hiking or camping.

Safety accessories

Utility workers use lanyards to prevent falls. These products have a metal ring and heavy-duty nylon to attach to poles or similar points. 

Lanyards with breakaway closures in nursing homes, schools, factories, and long-term care facilities act as extra safety measures. The breakaway clasps situated on the nape release when someone pulls them strongly.




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