The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

double glazed windows

Double glazed windows, as the name suggests, are windows that are made of two panes of glass. There are many advantages to having double glazed windows installed in your home and we’ll be discussing those in a moment. However, before we do that, you should know a bit more double glazed windows, so that you know what you’re getting and don’t fall victim to some form of Double glazing marketing scam.


As mentioned above, these are windows that are installed in homes and offices and are made of two panes of glass. The two panes are placed at a distance from each other in the window and the empty space in between is either filled with some sort of inert gas or is left as a vacuum.

Just because a window has two panes does not mean it is a double glazed window. There needs to be a space between the two panes and that space must be sealed airtight so as to not compromise the vacuum or the inert gas inside.


The space between the two panes of glass acts as a barrier for heat transfer, making it a great insulator as most heat in a house escapes from the windows. In the colder months, this barrier will retain heat inside the house and during the summer it will make sure that heat has a harder time getting into the house. This will save you immense amounts of money when it comes to utility bills.


Just as the space between the two window panes acts as a barrier for heat, it also performs the same job when it comes to noise. This is especially true if you have double glazed windows that have a vacuum. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum and by having double glazed windows (which are effectively a vacuum plate) the amount of sound entering into your home will significantly reduce.


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Double glazed windows are much harder to crack and break than your regular glass windows, and prying them open from the sides is a lot more difficult because of the airtight seal for the two panes. 

In fact, there are many vendors who will offer toughened and laminated glass for the two panes, and you can even find high-security glass double glazed windows that offer the utmost security, along with the added benefits of lower utility bills and peaceful home.


You can tell a double glazed window and single-pane window apart from a mile away, and the double glazed window will always look better when it comes to the finishing of the house and overall aesthetics. Not only that, double glazed windows won’t shake every time the wind blows a bit hard. All of these benefits allow you to feel much much more comfortable inside your house.


If you have a house that offers the above-mentioned features and benefits, then its only natural that the house’s value would increase. In fact, double glazed windows are always mentioned in property listings and homebuyers look for them when they’re buying a new house.


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