*Mason Jar Candy Corn Candle*

So to keep me from eating all of the candy corn in the house, I made Mason Jar Candy Corn Candles. I found orange LED lights from Michael's craft store on sale for $0.79 so I bought what was left! I also needed a couple Mason Jars and I bought three bags of candy corn from the Dollar Tree. (If you have never had Dollar Tree candy corn, go and try some as soon as possible! They taste exactly like Brach's and are only one dollar!) 

Mason jar candle

My supplies

Candy corn mason jar

 The candle...it is hard to see with this lighting

mason jar halloween craft

The candle along with some other Halloween decorations I made

easy halloween decorations

 It is lit in this picture. The mason jar gives off such a warming glow when the candle is on. I love turning off all the lights and just watch it flicker.


  • Mason Jar
  • Candy Corn: I used 3 bags for 2 jars
  • Orange LED light: Michael's Craft Store
  • Fill up the Mason Jar with candy corn
  • Place LED light in the middle of the candy corn
  • Turn on and watch your candle glow

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