Travis Cure Age, Height, Weight, Career and Personal Life

Travis Cure Age, Height, Weight, Career and Personal Life

Travis Cure is a budding actor who has his name tied with Amazon Prime with work across entertainment options like The Oval, David Movie, and Tough Love. According to reports, Travis Cure net worth is $400,000-$500,000as of 2024. Born in 1987, Travis Cure age is 37. He is not just a model and actor, but also a producer.

The US-based bodybuilding enthusiast has a muscular appearance that helped him build a reputation for himself in the acting world. In addition, his long journey of failures and successes have given him good experience to rule the world of entertainment now.

As Travis Cure age is over 37, we can say that he is gaining success in the entertainment industry late in life. But his hard work is going a long way to enhance his popularity and make more people take an interest in what he does. Here is a quick sneak peak into his bio:

Full NameTravis Tremane Killing
Nick NameTravis Cure
ProfessionActor, Model
Height6ft 1 (185.5cm)
Weight100 kg (220.5 lbs)
Year of birth1987
Sun SignCancer
BirthFlorida, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
ParentsRonnie and Maria Cure
Siblings2 brothers and 1 twin brother
ManagerSlamm Management
Luxe Haus MMG
Kids1 daughter and 2 sons

Travis Cure net worth

Thousands of fans and followers want to know about the lifestyle, income, and family of Travis Cure. The muscular actor had a roller-coaster journey in the industry. According to latest reports, Travis Cure has a net worth of around $400,000-$500,000. But it took a lot of time and effort for this single dad to achieve it.

Yes, there is little to no info regarding the love life of Travis Cure. The actor relies on social media, modeling, and acting gigs to support his children. Travis has collaborated with brands like Connaisseur Paris. He has been advocating fitness that springs from his own life. Figures estimate that he earns around $41,955 on average as a model.

The man leads a good life with a decent net worth and sizable assets. While the man isn’t open about sharing details of his wealth to the media as yet, we can assume he is leading a life above average standards.

Childhood and early life

Travis Cure was born in Miami, Florida, in 1987. So, he spent much of his childhood there with his mother and brothers. In terms of education, he was not a bright student. He completed high school in 2005 with a GPA of 2. Further, he enrolled in the Tallahassee Community College in 2007. However, he soon dropped out within a year. He couldn’t complete his graduation, realizing that school was not meant for him.

Travis joined the Marine Corps as a professional. After working there for a few good years, he got different opportunities to join college again. Later, he realized that he had a knack for football, enrolling in college and failing horribly in academics. At that time, he tried his hand at various jobs. But, soon, his impressive features led him into the world of modeling and fitness.


Travis didn’t have it easy in his career. It was more like a nomadic life with its fair share of ups and downs. When his goal of becoming a football enthusiast was left broken, he tried his hands at various jobs. He reached a phase where he earned $11.5 per hour.

Gradually, things started to fall back on track for him. One of his trips led him to Atlanta, where he got a modeling opportunity thanks to his muscular physique. Little did he know it was about to turn his life forever. He didn’t think twice, and the not-so-good days soon faded. The doors for modeling and acting opened nearly together for him.

Recently, his acting career has increased with the winds of his hard work, offering him a comfortable life. The recent success in acting has brought the spotlight on him. Audiences have been impressed by his acting skills.

Travis became popular with his roles in TV series such as The Adjuncts (2016) as Keith PalmerPillowTalk (2019) as Dre, and The Oval (2019-2020) as Bobby.

In 2018, he made an appearance in a movie titled Illusion. In the same year, he was seen in Deadly Sexy. It allowed him to share the screen space with some of the most talented actors like Tanya Thompson, Taral Hicks, Jacinth Headlam, and Tremayne Norris. Some other projects to name would include Nocturnal, Street Connected, For My Man, and Paradise.

Cure’s ability to try new and varied roles is a unique aspect of his personality. For instance, he has just finished shooting for a horror project. He keeps posting pictures from his modeling and acting projects on his social media platform. Fans cannot avoid gasping at the actor’s fit physique and tall dark and handsome looks!

Personal life

Travis Cure is a dedicated single dad. Despite the ups and downs of his career, the actor has managed to successfully navigate them, standing his ground. The model does not have many details about it. But his father’s name is Ronnie, and his mother’s name is Maria.

Travis has three brothers in total. One of them is Travis Cure twin brother. Also, he has two nieces from his twin brother. He has fared well in his acting career over time. Also, Travis has been transparent about his work and business. While he prefers to keep his personal life private, it’s always under the radar.

Many reports suggest that he is already married. However, there is no proof confirming the same. While Travis did share a child with a close companion. Things took a drastic turn when he found out he had two more children from two different women. In one of his interviews, Travis revealed that he wanted to take his life when he was unemployed with countless responsibilities in hand.

Now, with a successful career and several new projects in hand, rumors exist that he has been dating someone but stays away from the public eye. It’s said that he had a son in 2012, two days before joining the Marine Corps. He has kept the identity of his children and their mother private.

Travis Cure’s Social Media Presence

The actor and model has an impressive fan following on social media, crediting his muscular physique and acting skills. He often shares his modeling pictures and professional updates online. Travis has around 292K followers on his Insta account and 66K followers on Facebook. You can follow him by searching travis.cure on Instagram. His growing popularity contributes to increasing Travis Cure net worth.

Travis Cure on Instagram292K followers
Travis Cure on Facebook66K followers
Travis Cure on Twitter337 followers


It has been impressive that Travis has avoided the menace of controversies that comes with being a celebrity in the glamorous world. He hasn’t found himself in any wrong buzz, which is admirable.

But his family situation sure is complicated and he doesn’t like to disclose much about it. In interviews he mentioned about adversities of being a single dad. But we don’t know much about his real struggles.


Travis Cure movies and TV Shows show him in different lights. However, his monthly income and net worth are enough to provide him with a decent lifestyle.

As a public figure, Travis Cure maintains a rather simple lifestyle. He focuses on a healthy lifestyle and fitness. The single dad has been through tough times and knows the value of money and popularity well. So, the sudden rise of popularity in life hasn’t pushed him into adopting a flashy lifestyle.

Income sources

Travis Cure Net worth touched around $400,000-$500,000. His other sources of income include:

  • Modelling projects
  • Promoting brands on socials
  • Acting for movies and TV shows

Final thoughts

Actor and model Travis Cure has become a source of inspiration for his good health and fitness-focused lifestyle. Even fans admire him for his acting. Despite age barriers, people like to watch the modeling photographs and new acting projects of Travis Cure. His ability to explore different roles has kept him out of stereotypes, which is common in the acting world.

Undoubtedly, Travis Cure is young and has many years to go and inspire others for fitness. Meanwhile, we enjoy the interesting acting projects by the single dad, an exemplary example of how hard the world plays to success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Travis Cure Age?

Travis Cure was born in 1987. Although the exact date is not yet known. However, Travis Cure age is 37 years old.

2. Who is Travis Cure’s Wife?

Travis Cure has not officially made any comments on whether he is married or not. Some media sources do claim that he was married. But there is no confirmation of anything. However, he is a single dad.

3. Is there any Travis Cure Twin Brother?

Travis Cure has three brothers. One of them is Travis Cure Twin Brother. Moreover, he has two nieces from his twin brother.

4. What are some of the best Travis Cure movies and TV shows?

Some of the popular Travis Cure TV shows and movies include The Adjuncts (2016), PillowTalk (2019), The Oval (2019-2020), Deadly Sexy, Nocturnal, Street Connected, For My Man, and Paradise.


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