Where can I watch Run Hide Fight- All You Need To Know About It!

where can i watch run hide fight

Okay, so even you are wondering, ‘Where can I watch Run Hide Fight?’ Well, there are probably two main reasons for the same. One could be your love for thriller movies. On the other hand, all the praise from your friends and the discussion about the plot of Run Hide Fight provoked you to watch this thriller action film. And this is the reason you landed on our blog while searching for the best platforms to stream this movie. 

Well, whatever might be the case, the good news is you landed on the correct page. In this blog we will not only discuss the platforms where interested users can stream Run Hide Fight full movie. Instead, we will also briefly discuss the plot of this movie, its release date, and discussions going on for it. 

What is Run Hide Fight about?

The American thriller Run Hide Fight is all about a seventeen-year-old girl, Zoe. She is a school-going girl. There is a group of live-stream shooters in her school who want to take her life along with those of her friends as well. In this movie, Zoe uses her survival skills; as the name suggests, she runs, hides, and fights to save everyone’s life. This story has an amazing plot. This is the reason why the Google searches for ‘Where can I watch Run Hide Fight’ are increasing constantly. 

Run Hide Fight movie release date.

Run Fight Hide is considered to be a 2020 American film. Ironically, it was released on 14th January 2021 in the United States of America. However, this film was first released in Venice, Italy, on 10 September 2020. We know it isn’t very clear for our readers to process this information. Let us clarify this information to you by tabulating it. 

Date of Release Region At / By
September 10, 2020 Venice, Italy Venice Film Festival
January 14, 2021 Northern America, US The Daily Wire
February 18, 2021 Indonesia  In Theaters by Cineplex


As per various sources, it is confirmed that the shooting of Run Hide Fight was completed in May 2020. After trying for a few months, Daily Wire acquired permission to distribute this film through a premium subscription. 

Where to watch Run Hide Fight 2024

1. Amazon Prime Video  

People looking for answers on where can I watch Run Hide Fight can end their search now. This is because Amazon Prime Video has got them covered! They can easily manage their favourite shows including this one, with a monthly or yearly subscription of the same. Interested viewers can purchase an Amazon Prime Video monthly subscription at 14.99 Dollars. Or instead, they can select and buy the annual subscription for 139 Dollars. 

2. Daily Wire 

Daily Wire Plus members should not be asking questions like Where can I watch Run Hide Fight? This is simply because the answer itself is present in their phones and computers. They can easily watch this thriller movie with their Daily Wire Plus memberships. 

The monthly subscription will cost you around 14.99 dollars per month. On the other hand, movie lovers will opt for the yearly subscription as it comes with a lot of advantages along with a reduced monthly cost. The Daily Wire Plus annual subscription will cost users 156 Dollars per year, which is only 13 Dollars per month. So, isn’t it a profitable deal? 

3. Run Hide Fight on Roku 

Where can I watch Run Hide Fight conveniently? It is something everyone is wondering. Well, the only answer to this question is Roku. Now, people will wonder about how to watch Run Hide Fight on Roku. Fortunately, Roku is a completely free video streaming application as well as a device that allows users to watch their favourite online shows and movies. People who wish to watch Run Hide Fight can watch it on Roku without spending any additional Dollars for it. However, they will have to watch it with ads. 

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Is Run Hide Fight on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

When searching for the platforms to watch this American action thriller based on Zoe, the most common search is Run Hide Fight Netflix. Or else, constant searches for ‘Run Hide Fight full movie – YouTube’ are also frequent. But, as discussed in the previous section, Run Hide Fight is unavailable on Netflix and Hulu. Instead, it is only available on Amazon Prime Video. Prime users can watch this thriller movie without any hassle. However, they will require either a monthly or a yearly subscription of the same. 

How much does it cost to watch “Run Hide Fight”?

The cost of watching Run Hide Fight depends on the platform selected by the viewer. 

For example, if the viewer decides to watch this movie on Daily Wire, they will have to incur a cost of at least 15 Dollars to purchase the monthly subscription and 156 Dollars for the yearly subscription. The same statement holds true for Amazon Prime Video as well. The viewer will have to incur more or less the same cost to view Run Hide Fight. 

On the other hand, if viewers decide to watch Run Hide Flight after reading our blog, they will have information about the Roku platform. Hence, they won’t spend even a single penny to watch this thriller movie. 

Creators and Daily Wire talk Run, Hide Fight

Production of Run Hide Fight!

The American Thriller Run Hide Fight was produced by Dallas Sonnier, also popularly known as Bone Tomahawk and Amanda Presmyk. During its release, Dallas Sonnier created a new production banner in association with Run Hide Fight. It is called the Bonfire Legend. 

Here are a few words from the CEO of The Daily Wire!

Jeremy Boreing, the founder of Daily Wire, finds Run Fight Hide to be a very courageous movie depicting the power of a young female. It is a thriller action film that offers challenging talking points. This is the reason why liberal Holywood executives did not come forward for its distribution process, he said! 

Run Hide Fight on The Daily Wire!

Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk expressed their gratitude towards the Daily Wire for distributing Run Hide Fight in Northern America. Additionally, they even praised the Daily Wire’s policy of hiding the names of mass shooters and highlighting the terms of heroes instead. This is an ideal way to make the heroes famous instead of the terror creators. 

What did the critics say?

When initially launched, Run Hide Fight had a very low rating. On average, only 13 people out of 100 like this movie. Additionally, the views were also very low. However, the main reason behind this could be a lack of awareness amongst the viewers. They might be unaware of this new release and the platforms where it is available. But as time passed, there was a constant increase in Google searches of ‘Where can I watch Run Hide Fight.’ 

At present, this American thriller holds a rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDB and 2 out of 5 

on Common Sense Media. Moreover, we are expecting an increase in the overall rating. This is because people are gradually learning about different platforms where they can watch Run Hide Fight. 

Why can’t I watch Run Hide Fight?

There is nothing to panic about if you aren’t able to watch Run Hide Fight even with a paid subscription. It might be banned or restricted in your particular geographical region. 

This could be the main reason you are not able to watch it. In this case, we advise our readers to use VPNs. It will help them in changing their online location without any hassle. They can further select a location where Run Hide Fight is not banned or restricted. 

Winding Up 

This was our blog on the best platforms, which will allow interested viewers to watch Run Hide Fight hassle-free. Moreover, we listed both types of media; the paid ones and the free ones as well. Hence, they are free to select the online streaming platform that meets their requirement and fits into their budget as well. Additionally, we also discussed other aspects related to this movie. And with this, our blog on ‘Where can I watch Run Hide Fight’ comes to an end. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can I watch Run Hide Fight?

Ans. So far, there are three platforms available where interested viewers can watch Run Hide Fight. These include Amazon Prime Video, Roku, and The Daily Wire Plus. 

Q2. Can you watch Run Hide Fight on Amazon Prime?

Ans. Yes, interested viewers can watch Run Hide Fight on Amazon Prime. However, they will require either a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription of the same to access this American thriller movie. 

Q3. Where can I buy the Run Hide Fight movie?

Ans. Unfortunately, there is no platform that allows users to buy this American action thriller movie. However, users have the option of watching this film on Roku without any additional cost. The only drawback of Run Hide Fight Roku is the viewers cannot eliminate its ads. 


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