Anatoly Powerlifter Real Name, Personal Life, Pranks, and More

Anatoly Powerlifter Real Name

Anatoly is known for his gym prank videos, where he hides his true identity. But ever wondered what the real name of Anatoly Powerlifter is? He uses Anatoly as an alias, pretending to be a cleaner in the gym. Once the gymgoers assume he is an average Joe, he surprises them with his deadlift and true raw strength.

If you’re curious about this prankster weightlifter, where he comes from, his personal life, and his true identity, this article is for you!

NameVladimir Shmondenko
AliasAnatoly Powerlifter
BirthdateAugust 10, 1999
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Height180 cm (5’11’)
ProfessionWeight lifter, Youtuber
LanguagesRussian, Ukrainian
Deadlift PR290 kg (639 lbs)
Squat PR210 kg (462 lbs)

Who Is Anatoly Powerlifter?

Anatoly Powerlifter real name is Vladimir Shmondenko. He is a 24-year-old famous body lifter from Ukraine. He has a Russian-language YouTube channel named “Anatoly” with 3.17 Million subscribers.

On his channel, he publishes gym prank videos. He acts as a cleaner with others in the gym, hiding his physique under an alter ego comic personality. Then, he surprises them with raw strength and bulging muscles.

Early Life

He was born in 1999 on a cattle farm near the small village of Krishtopovka, Cherkasy, Ukraine. Vladimir Shmondenko’s birth date is August 10, 1999.

Growing up, he was fascinated by the American bodybuilders and started watching many of their videos after the village got internet. He created his homemade gym in his village using bricks, wood, and tractor parts from the Soviet era. He started weightlifting in 2016.

When he was 15, he used to eat cottage cheese and eggs seven times a day. Anatoly’s classmates ridiculed him for bringing tubs of oatmeal as lunch in school. He pursued a bachelor’s degree from an educational institute. Vladimir also claims to have a Master of Sports in powerlifting.

Personal Life

Anatoly Powerlifter is in a relationship with a lingerie model named Valeria Shirshova. She is a social media influencer with 68k Instagram followers. Her girlfriend often shares pictures of her and Anatoly working in the gym. There are also many pictures of the couple’s glamorous life together in Bali and Dubai.

Both are pretty public and open about their relationship. Her Instagram feed even features intimate pictures of the couple in bed together. Valeria has also shared some photos of her plastic surgery. On Vladimir’s Instagram, there are a few photos of the couple. Usually, he posts pictures of women he pranks in the gym.

Anatoly Powerlifter, aka Vladimir Shmondenko, has no children with his current girlfriend Valeria or from any other relationship. However, they are pet parents of two cute hamsters who seem to close to them.


Although you won’t find an Anatoly Powerlifter Wikipedia page, let’s summarize the career aspect of his life. He runs a successful YouTube channel with 3.17 Million subscribers featuring prank videos on gymgoers.

Vladimir has participated in and won several weightlifting and powerlifting competitions. He also started creating content around powerlifting when he was young.

Initially, along with graduation, he also worked as a waiter and courier. Later, he started trying to compete in regional powerlifting competitions and even won a few times.

As shared earlier, he built a homemade small gym using scrap metals and bricks and started creating content to inspire people online. Compared to most fitness influencers, his content could be morebut entertaining. He pretends to be a cleaner in gyms and surprises people with a deadlift.

Anatoly Powerlifter Body and Physique

Even though Anatoly weighs 79 kg where no one can assume he is the powerhouse weightlifter he is! He hides his physique in the videos to pull pranks on gymgoers, but even with the reveal, people are amazed by the Anatoly Powerlifter’s body and strength.

Anatoly possesses immense raw strength unassuming to his appearance. Rather than focusing on bulging muscles, his training emphasizes technique, power, and efficiency. Considering only his weight or body frame, he defies expectations and demonstrates raw strength with no conventional boundaries.

He participated in numerous competitions between 2017 and 2018 in his powerlifting career. His bests are 303 in squats, 457 in deadlifts, and 270 in bench.

Anatoly Powerlifter Net Worth

Anatoly Powerlifter is Vldamir Shmondenko as his real name suggests, and his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Most of his earnings come from his YouTube channel ad revenue and sponsorship deals from popular fitness brands. A significant portion of his income is also from his online fitness coaching business, where he sells his training programs for $49.


Vladimir Shmondenkko is a weightlifter and content creator who makes gym prank videos on YouTube. He is famous for impersonating a cleaner in the gym only to surprise them with his deadlift and reveal his actual physique and strength. With an estimated net worth of around $2 million, he is known to be a successful weightlifter and content creator.


1. What Is Anatoly Powerlifter’s Real Name?

Anatoly Powerlifter’s real name is Vladimir Shmondenko.

2. Why Is Vladimir Shmondenko Known As Anatoly Powerlifter?

Vladimir Shmondenko’s stage name is Anatoly Powerlifter, which he uses in weightlifting and gym. His alias is a comic alter ego named “Anatoly,” a retiree or cleaner. He plays this cleaner character “Anatoly” in his prank videos to prank other gymgoers.

3. Is Vladimir Shmondenko Married?

Vladimir Shmondenko is not married. However, he has a girlfriend named Valeria Shirshova, a lingerie model. She has more than 68k followers on Instagram.


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