The best gift for a couple in love – handmade statuettes


What could be better than a piece of art that expresses love? Our handmade, natural wood figurines are
a handcrafted object of worship that is an affirming symbol of the love between two people. It is not just a
decorative object, it is an art object of power. The subjects of the figures of the couple in love are
endlessly varied. You can see a full range of the couple statues on our website, which you can buy onWood Soul Carving. 

Statuette for a couple in love – on what holiday to give?

If you are thinking about what occasion a natural wood statuette of a couple in love is suitable for, we
suggest you consider the following options:
1) Wedding Day. This is the most important day in the couple’s life. You do not even realize how
important it is to give such things at a family celebration. This is the day when two loving hearts chose
each other, so why not make the couple happy with such a beautiful thing?
2) Anniversary. This occasion is similar to the wedding day, but here the couple has already had time to
get to know each other a little better. It doesn’t matter if it’s an anniversary of 10 years, 5 or just the very
first one – a statuette that is infused with love will be the best gift.
3) Housewarming. Another important celebration for the family. On such a day it is very important to
support two people who have reached the next level and moved into a new home, and the decor from
natural wood will be very apropos.

Choosing figurines made of natural wood

Modern wooden statues bring grace and harmony of nature and in many cases can tell much more about
the people living in the house than the interior of the room. Even a strict office with laconic furnishings or
a modern apartment with a leather sofa and the latest generation of technology will acquire a soul: and a
small-sized figurine made of wood can become the highlight of a living or business space. Especially
when it comes to cute figurines of couples in love.

Choosing natural wood decor is worth choosing for many reasons, namely:
– durability of the construction. Natural wood will serve you faithfully for a long time, because it is much
stronger than porcelain or crystal.
– naturalness of colors. Wooden figurines do not have shouting bright colors, do not spoil the interior and
organically fit into the overall picture.
– handmade. Each figurine is a huge labor of a master who puts in a lot of effort.

Where to buy natural wood couple statues?

Our online store offers all kinds of statues for couples in love. Here you will find an incredible range of
products that will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, you can find a gift for any event – a friend's birthday,
a professional doctor's day or a souvenir for a musician. We have the widest selection of products.
If you have any questions or suggestions – our consultants will be happy to help you. We wish you a
successful shopping experience in our online store!


 How to care for a natural wood statue?
The care of natural wood figurines is very simple. The main thing is to follow a few rules – avoid direct
sunlight, do not use aggressive chemicals in cleaning and wipe the statuette with a soft microfiber.
Wooden statuettes with a lacquer coating are quite durable works of art, provided that they are not
exposed to harmful influences. Extreme factors that may not completely spoil the product, but in one way
or another damage its appearance. Thus, your figurine will serve you for many years and will please you!

– Why buy a couples statuette? 
The statuette of a couple in love is not only a great gift, but also a real symbol of love, which will give
warmth and comfort. Give your family a real family emblem.
 How to choose an original gift for a couple in love?

You can buy the perfect gift for a couple in love in our online store. We offer handmade figurines made of
natural wood. In our online shop there are different themes of statuettes, so you will definitely find
something you like! Have a good shopping experience!


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