Signs You Need to Upgrade your Electrical Panel


You may have lived in your home for a while, or you might have just moved in recently. You might have had some things updated. Was a circuit breaker upgrade one of them? Before you go online to search for “electrician services in PA,” you should be on the lookout for these signs that you need to upgrade your electrical panel:

It’s the Same One That Was Originally Installed

Electrical panels have a finite lifespan, which is roughly between 25 and 40 years. Was your place built in 1985? You definitely want to consider having that panel upgraded, since the current technology is much better than it was then. If anything, you should at least have an electrician take a look at it to see how it’s holding up.

You’re Always Flipping Breakers

There are times that your panel might trip off, like if you’re having one part of your home draw too much power. As a result, you’re going to have to flip that breaker back on. If it seems like you’re doing that far too often, then you should have a professional come see about upgrading that electrical panel. The newer technology will be able to handle more.

There Aren’t Any Breakers

Remember when we talked about homes being built in 1985? Homes that were built in the ’60s had electrical panels that had fuses in them, not breakers. They were high-tech for their time, but electrical panels are the best thing to use now. If you have a box full of fuses that you need to switch out, you should have a professional come in and upgrade the panel.

You See That Your Panel Is Rusted or Broken

When it comes to things that you don’t want to see in this sort of condition, your electrical panel ranks high on this list. You want one that is in good shape, since the rust can make for a potent fire hazard. If you see this, avoid making any contact with the rust and immediately call for an electrician. Your and your family’s safety could be at stake.

You Have Very Few Outlets in Your Home

Usually, this means that when your home was built, it wasn’t designed to use a lot of electricity. So, if that’s the case, and you’re buying surge protectors in bulk, then you should first see if an electrician can safely install more outlets that your electrical panel can handle. If not, see about having your electrical panel upgraded.

You Smell Something Burning

This could happen for a variety of reasons, including things going on with your wiring behind your walls. It’s an electrical emergency, though, and you need to immediately have an electrician come take a look at everything to pinpoint what is causing that smell. Otherwise, you could have firefighters standing outside your place trying to put out a fire.

Your Electrical Panel Is Hot to the Touch

Here’s another sign that something dangerous is brewing in your home. The reason that this is so bad is that your circuit breaker’s supposed to trip if the panel itself is too hot. If that’s not happening, then there’s a big problem. Time to have an experienced electrician come take a peek at what’s going on and also upgrade things.

If you notice any of the above things, it’s a very clear sign that you should at least have a licensed electrician come inspect your home. More things are coming out all the time that require electricity. While appliances have energy-saving features, it’s always smart to have your home equipped with the most robust technology to handle that amount of electricity. It can save you a lot of money, time spent flipping breakers, and also keep your home safe.

This isn’t something that you should wait on, either. You don’t want to risk something like an electrical fire. Keeping you and your family safe is the best investment you can make.


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