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Meta Description: Discover the dazzling dates for Amsterdam Light Festival 2023. Plan your visit to witness the city’s transformation into a luminous art haven.

Amsterdam Light Festival Dates

Amsterdam awaits yet another gleeful season of the much anticipated Light Festival. In this town of canals and artists, the winter is characterized by glittering light sculptures and gleaming water as the visitors cruise past the magnificent light art masterpieces. Visit to experience the magic of Amsterdam’s Light Festival.

Do you fancy witnessing a city drenched in lights and hues, as the water flickers with the gleaming buildings adorned with dazzling lights? Go no further than Amsterdam as it is all set to welcome the much hyped light festival. 

Every fall, Amsterdam celebrates this event with illuminated light art installed at various locations throughout the town. These are made by artists from across the country. It is a great means of mobilizing the society and allowing people to interact with one another as they roam around the luminous city. People from the civil society come together to cherish the beauty of the city at its peak i.e. during Light Festival.

What is the Amsterdam Light Festival?

It is an event whereby renowned and rising artists come up with some spectacular sculptures of light. These are erected at different locations across the town for the general public. One can have a walk past these brilliant works of art or can charter a boat to admire the sculptures erected in and around the canals. 

Since 2012, the festival have been attracting a lerge number of visitors each year both from within the country and from across the world. It is characterized by dedicated visits from every walk of life including the seniors, primary school students, artists from art academies, and others. Hence, everyone gets a chance to mingle around and get acquainted with people from different walks of life.

It acts as a great platform for young, bulging artists who, in collaboration with experienced artists come up with creative light sculptures and are hence given a great chance to polish their skills by working with senior artists. For example, each edition, for the past seven editions, is adorned by marvelous art work created by the students from Breitner Academy under the supervision of experienced artists. 

Although, schedule of the Amsterdam Light Festival may not be the same each season, it always starts towards the end of a year and keeps going until the mid of January. In short the Amsterdam Light Festival calendar encompasses the new year and Christmas and hence it is a festive vacation season marked by lots of celebrations in Amsterdam.

When Does Amsterdam Light Festival Begin

Now the presing question is, what are the Amsterdam Light Festival start and end dates for the current year. This season, the organizers have announced the start date as November 30, 2023. Whereas it will end on January 21, 2024. 

However, the end date does not mean there would be no work of art after the event ends. Many of them stay on the display for the whole year round. And then the next edition kicks off marked by new light sculptures. 

Who Organizes the Amsterdam Light Festival

This festival is not subsidized by any government body and it is run fully by a private organization. This organization has partnered with a number of companies which fund the event. Besides, the organization receives fund from general public as well. 

They are a team of well organized, enthusiastic volunteers with a goal to bring together the civil society and let them admire great work of art as they mingle around. 

What is the Best Way to Enjoy the Light Festival

What would be the best strategy to witness the festival at its peak? You can roam around on foot to the locations where the light sculptures are installed or you can also hire a boat to see the art works from the canals. However, it is preferrable to go with the latter. That’s because the light sculptures are mostly installed in canals and around them. 

Hiring a saloon boat means you can watch these pieces of stunning art up close. Besides, you will have access to a personal guide on the boat who will tell you about each sculpture and its creator. He will inform you about some interesting facts as well about the city. 

Moreover, sailing on brightly lit, illuminous boats moving above the glaring water while enjoying the dazzling town around you has a charm unmatched by any thing else. You can spend some quality, private time with your family members or your close friends by chartering a private boat amidst Light Festival. These are equipped with mini bars and can even be turned into dinner cruises. 

Hence, if you want to enjoy the event to the fullest with your buds or family, it is recommended that you hire a saloon boat and sail your way through the shining art. These boats have double panes on their windows to avoid foggy view and are furnished with central heating unit to help you cozy up. 


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