How To Set Up Your Virtual Office Background for the Winter Holidays


Changing the background you use in virtual meetings can encourage engagement from participants. It is easy to set up a new virtual office background in your preferred video conferencing or calling platform, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Find out how to change your background and learn more about the benefits of using holiday and seasonal backgrounds that designate space for your company logo.

Working With a Snowy Background

Displaying a snowy background during video calls and virtual meetings can add a seasonal touch to your workdays. You can choose from several cozy backgrounds with windows that show winter scenes. The background called A Frosty Home has a neutral beige color scheme with domestic decor accentuated by the snow outside and a central frame for displaying your company logo.

Let It Snow is another seasonal background to consider using this holiday season. This background features a casual warm interior color scheme with decorative furniture and potted plants offset by a snowy outdoor landscape. Let It Snow designates wall space for logo display. Other seasonal designs, such as The Gingerbread House home office and Winter Morning virtual office background, depict workspaces with snow outside.

Easily Display Your Company Logo

All of these virtual backgrounds indicate where you can display your company logo. All you need to do is upload a high-resolution image file of your logo on a transparent background. If you only have access to your business logo on an opaque background, you can use free online tools or a photo editing application to remove this background for the best results on a Zoom virtual office background

You might want to consider the color scheme and style of your company logo when selecting a snowy background. Many backgrounds have neutral color schemes, but other designs feature prominent accent colors. Look for a background that complements the design of your logo.

Customize and Save a Background

You have the option to customize a free or premium virtual background with logo. Free virtual backgrounds allow you to display a logo but also display a watermark. Your logo will be the only visible branding on a premium background. Simply upload your logo, check the look of the background and save the image file.

Virtual backgrounds are compatible with most of the leading video conferencing platforms. Whether you prefer to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype or Webex, you can easily set up and change your virtual background. Snowy backgrounds are a natural choice for winter meetings. Upgrading to a package of premium backgrounds can provide you with access to more designs that you can use year round.

Set Up a Seasonal Virtual Background

It is easy to display a virtual background in video conferencing applications that support this feature. Once you download your custom background, open your preferred video conferencing application. In Zoom, go to “Settings” and select “Virtual Background.” Next, upload and select your background. In Teams, you can add a new background under “Settings” and “Show background effects.” You can take the same steps to change your custom background with the season.


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