Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Pioneering in Telecom at AFK Sistema and His Entrepreneurial Path toward Board of Directors of Sistema JSFC


Felix Yevtushenkov, a notable businessman and executive, embarked on his career journey at the investment company AFK Sistema. At Sistema, he managed various assets, including ventures in real estate, banking, tourism, healthcare, and pension insurance. He particularly excelled in leading and enhancing Sistema’s telecommunications division.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Establishing His Professional Foundation 

Born on November 14, 1978, Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov was an energetically engaged child, excelling in sports and academics alike. Post-high school, he pursued law at the Griboyedov Institute of International Law and Economics, a decision that kickstarted his career. He joined AFK Sistema’s legal department in 1999, where he nurtured skills essential for his diverse economic sector involvement. He graduated in 2000 with a degree in international law.

Later, Yevtushenkov returned to academia to deepen his business acumen, graduating from Gubkin State University in 2013 with expertise in energy sector management.

Felix Yevtushenkov: Steering Real Estate and Construction at AFK Sistema (Sistema JSFC)

Felix Yevtushenkov’s role at Sistema JSFC involved leading its real estate and construction divisions. He adeptly managed various corporate departments before progressing to a managerial position in a subsidiary focused on large-scale construction projects domestically and internationally.

His leadership was pivotal in preparing the company for its 2006 IPO, ensuring adherence to public company standards. Post-IPO, the reinvested funds under his supervision facilitated major projects, securing the construction business’s market dominance. His responsibilities spanned financial management, long-term budgeting, marketing, sales, and market expansion.

Under Yevtushenkov, the company undertook significant projects in the capital, including renovating architectural landmarks and modernizing key facilities. His roles included deputy general director, president, and board chairman, where he was deeply involved in operational and strategic planning, market strategies, and financial management. Known for his direct and inclusive approach, Yevtushenkov worked tirelessly, contributing to the company’s legal compliance and IPO readiness.

During his leadership, the company saw improved economic performance and a diversified project portfolio. Yevtushenkov’s tenure was marked by the thoughtful redevelopment of historic buildings and the construction of new, technologically advanced structures.

Felix Yevtushenkov: Leading Telecom at AFK Sistema as a Member in the Board of Directors

Yevtushenkov also focused on AFK Sistema’s telecommunications sector, contributing significantly to its evolution beyond mobile communication services. As a top manager by 2011, he was entrusted with managing key telecom assets.

Under his leadership, the company made significant advancements, including launching the country’s first 3G 900-megahertz network. His efforts positioned the company as a leader in high-speed communication in the capital region.

Yevtushenkov’s strategies included retail sales development, focusing on increasing internet usage and smartphone sales. This approach led to a surge in internet service demand and the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem.

He also expanded the company’s fixed-line network assets, enhancing business diversification and market presence. After a decade at Sistema, Yevtushenkov continued his career in the telecom sector outside the corporation.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Post-Sistema Ventures in High-Tech and Impact Investing

Post-AFK Sistema, Yevtushenkov dedicated himself to impact investing and high-tech projects with social transformation goals. He invested in the healthcare sector, developing a digital platform to encourage blood donation and addressing medical shortages.

Yevtushenkov also focused on creating inclusive communication technologies for the hearing impaired, developing a speech-to-sign language translation tool. His efforts extended to oncological diagnostics, supporting the development of biological microchips for cancer detection and prognosis.

His interest in technology for education led to his support for an EdTech platform promoting intellectual development in children across numerous subjects, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Additionally, Yevtushenkov integrated startups into a major IT company’s digital ecosystem, enhancing its service offerings and market competitiveness.

His strategic approach to impact investing focused on projects offering both financial returns and substantial social benefits, using technology to address societal challenges and improve community life.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Philanthropy and Educational Initiatives in Sistema Charitable Foundation

In his post-Sistema career, Yevtushenkov turned to philanthropy, joining and leading a corporate foundation’s Board of Trustees around 2018. He steered the foundation towards addressing societal challenges, focusing on human resource development for the economy.

His efforts included internship programs, practical training, mentorship, and financial support across sectors like IT, telecommunications, construction, and pharmaceuticals. He also backed creative educational platforms for artistic skills development.

Regionally, Yevtushenkov implemented social impact educational projects, preparing specialists for industries like timber from school level, offering career guidance and training.

In collaboration with a charitable foundation, he developed digital platforms for career restructuring and self-development, complemented by offline thematic sessions for high school students.

His philanthropic work included establishing network educational platforms for various fields, supporting an online resource for blood donors, and a speech-to-sign language translation platform.

Yevtushenkov’s commitment to education is evident in his involvement in EdTech solutions, providing free access to advanced courses and supporting internship programs for practical experience in leading industries.



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