The perfect guide to choosing the right artificial Christmas tree


Twinkling lights, the sweet scent of pine, and the joyous carols – ah, the magic of the holiday season is upon us, and Christmas trees are the most iconic element to take center stage in every home.

However, many dread the fuss and mess of a live tree or scoff at the thought of hacking down a living tree. Buying artificial Christmas trees might save you from all the hassle. Gone are the days of sweeping up pine needles and wrestling with tangled LEDs – in our day, it’s perfectly fine to create the same setup using artificial Christmas trees. However, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. So, here is everything you need to know about choosing the perfect artificial Christmas tree.

Determining the right size

Most artificial Christmas trees come in a number of sizes. From adorable tabletop options to elegant 12-footers, there are a vast number of options to choose from. Measure the space where you are planning to set up the tree to ensure that there is enough room for decorations and maneuverability. In the case of larger artificial trees, it is important to leave some space from the ceiling in order to accommodate any tree topper.

Considering pre-lit options

Prelit Christmas trees do come at a premium, but they make up for the price with the convenience they provide. If you are stressing about the time it will take to decorate the tree, then these pre-lits can be the best option. Also, with pre-lit trees, you don’t have to worry about untangling those messy strings of LEDs every year.

When considering buying prelit artificial Christmas trees, you will need to factor in the types of lights that are the best for you. LED lights, while initially more costly, offer significant long-term energy savings compared to incandescent lights. In contrast, incandescent lights, despite their lower upfront cost, tend to consume more power, leading to higher energy bills and a larger carbon footprint. So, you will need to find the best option for your use case.

Density considerations

When it comes to artificial trees, the market is overflooded with options, and this can make choosing the right one quite tricky. To find the perfect tree, you need to find options that strike a balance between lush and natural. Here are some factors that can affect the density of the artificial tree

  • Branch type: Artificial Christmas trees come in two types of branch configurations; Hinged and hook-ins. Hinged branches come affixed to certain spots on the tree which can be quite easy to set up and decorate. On the flipside, artificial trees with hook-in branches require setup and are not available in pre-lit configurations. However, the trees with hook-in branches have the advantage of being more affordable.
  • Type of material: PVC and PE are the two materials used to make artificial trees. While artificial trees made with PVC use wires to attach the branches to the fake tree, PE trees are generally fabricated as a whole unit to better resemble an original tree.

Do note that the density of the tree determines how closely it is able to replicate a real tree. When purchasing, ensure to check if the tree has sturdy enough branches to be able to hold the weight of the decorations that you are planning to use.

Decoration considerations

Ensure that the artificial Christmas tree you are planning to buy has enough room for decorations. From LED strings to top pieces, the branches of the artificial tree must be sturdy enough to hold all this weight. Also, factor in other decoration options as well, including frosted branches, pinecones and more to deck up the tree of your dreams.

Color considerations

Christmas is all about embracing the holiday palette and finding the right colors to complement your decor. From traditional greens and reds to frosted whites and silvers, let the tree become the perfect extension of your holiday personality. Decoration accents can also include natural looking elements to your artificial tree. So, remember to choose flocked or accented artificial trees that sync well with the theme.

Stand type

Remember to look for an artificial Christmas tree with a sturdy stand. Made from metal or plastic, this is usually the foundation on which the tree is erected. Do note that plastic ones tend to be of lower quality than metal ones, but are more on the affordable side of the spectrum. The size of the tree is going to be the most important factor when determining the type of stand it is going to need. After all, no one wants a tilting tree disaster at a Christmas party. So, choose a reliable base that not only offers stability, but also makes assembly quite easy.

Portability considerations

After the holidays, you will need to tuck the tree away in a cozy spot to ‘hibernate’ till next year. Always opt for a tree that is convenient to store, be it a collapsible design or one with a tree bag that keeps the tree protected. A well preserved tree will be the perfect gift for the holidays that keeps on bringing joy every year.

Pricing considerations

We have saved the most important for the very last. As it is with anything you need to buy, price is perhaps the biggest determinant in buying the right artificial Christmas tree. And with options nearly in every price bracket, the quality and additional accents are what affect the pricing the most. While off the shelf options from generic brands come at an affordable price, the premium price tag of pre-lit Christmas trees does offer you with the right elegance and convenience.

In all, there’s no need to use a living tree every year when you can embrace the convenience and eco-friendliness of artificial Christmas trees. Instead, opt for a centerpiece that is going to stand the test of time and will continue to look as fresh as the one you put up the previous Christmas. Combine style, practicality, and the spirit of the holidays when looking for the perfect artificial tree for the right reflection of your holiday joy. So, whether you choose to go with prelit artificial Christmas trees or tabletop pieces, may the season fill your heart with warmth and merriment.


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