7 Diamond Shapes: Most Commonly Used In Engagement Rings


It’s no secret that engagement ring trends come and go. We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s fresh in the jewellery market as your go-to source for all things wedding jewellery. When it comes to determining the major trends of the day, however, nothing is more telling than what real couples wear on a daily basis. 

Let’s go over some evergreen engagement rings shapes

Round Brilliant cut: 

Many proposers focus on the shape of the center stone while looking for an engagement ring. Round diamonds are the most popular. Round diamonds offer a timeless, tried-and-true appearance that complements a wide range of ring settings.

Princess Cut: 

A princess-cut diamond is a real square diamond with pointed edges. Due to its clean, contemporary, and stylish appearance, this diamond shape is considered the second most popular. Today, the princess cut diamond rings, which has 76 facets overall, is one of the favorites among brides-to-be. The diamond of this shape gives an impressive sparkle.

Cushion Cut:

The Cushion cut diamond has a vintage feel to it. It has rounded sides and is shaped like a square or rectangle. As a result of the traditional impression it imparts, it has recently become quite popular. The form comprises 58 facets in total, which give it a lovely, delicate appeal. A cushion-shaped diamond ring is a fantastic option for ladies seeking an uncommon, timeless, and vintage aesthetic.


Modern engagement diamond rings with a minimalistic appearance are a popular choice nowadays, and in such cases, oval-cut diamond rings are quite in demand. This form sparkles brilliantly thanks to its total of 56 facets. The oval cut, which is an extended variation of the round brilliant cut, is a fantastic option for individuals who desire a diamond that appears larger than it is.


Emerald Cut: 


As we say that diamonds are a woman’s, never-ending love, so is the case with Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings that stand out from the crowd. These beautifully shaped diamonds are a timeless favourite of women for rings. In Emerald Cut, a rectangular diamond with squared-off sides is shaped. It features a simple style that is ideal for individuals who appreciate a sleek, beautiful appearance. This shape’s exceptional brightness comes from its 50 total facets.


Pear Cut: 


Vintage, simple, or fashionable diamond forms aren’t to everyone’s taste. Many choose an unusual or distinctive ring that stands out from the crowd. One of them is known as the Pear Cut ring. A pear cut is a diamond form that blends round and marquise shapes into a teardrop. It looks distinctive and classy. This design sparkles brilliantly all credit goes to its 58 total facets. For individuals who desire a diamond that is both traditional and unique, a pear cut is a fantastic option.



The ‘Navette’ is another name for the Marquise Cut. It has the shape of a little boat, with a slim oval that narrows to a point at both ends. Because of its shape, a Marquise diamond allows the cutter to save more of the rough stone than a Round Brilliant.


When choosing a form for your engagement ring, a marquise diamond is a unique option. A gorgeous marquise diamond, such as this one from Blue Nile, would provide angles and asymmetry that a regular round diamond would not.


Choosing the diamond engagement rings involves a lot of thinking and consideration. If you are looking for stunning, timeless rings, try out Marlow’s Diamond. We have absolutely top-of-the-line diamond rings to choose from. 



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