PnB Rock Net Worth, Career, Death, and Everything In-Between

Pnb Rock Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships and More

PnB Rock is the stage name chosen by rapper Rakim Hasheem Allen who rose to fame with the number Selfish. He looked like a geek with his big glasses and droopy eyes, but his voice was like no other. Pnb Rock net worth peaked while he was at his career’s high, but an unfortunate turn ended it all.

‘Selfish’ gave him a spotlight and he became an overnight success after years of hard work. He soon worked with names like Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper, and these increased his popularity.

According to reports, PnB Rock net worth was $3 million giving him an illustrious career in the music sector. He made people chant his raps and songs entertaining the audiences for 9-10 years now.

The Singer, Copywriter and Actor started his journey back in 2014 with his debut mixtape release Real N*gga Bangaz. His emotions, voice and words resonated with the audience and helped him climb the ladder of success.

NameRakim Hasheem Allen
ProfessionalRapper, Singer, Songwriter
AgeAged 30 (when died)
Height1.75 m
Weight78 Kg (Approx)
DOBDecember 9, 1991
Years Active2014-2022
DiedSeptember 12, 2022
GenreHip hop, R&, B, trap, pop

PnB Rock net worth

Given the popularity and rich music with which PnB Rock served his fans, it’s obvious that they want to know more about his net worth, earnings, and lifestyle. He had multiple income sources.

PnB Rock net worth reached $3 million in 2022. The main sources that contributed to this sum were annual earnings from album sales, streaming royalties, world tours, and merchandise sales.

Through his work and music that reached millions of hearts as he made a lot of fans around the globe. On the other hand, he invested a lot of his net worth in real estate. His updated salary revealed that he makes roughly $500 thousand per year.

Reports claimed that in 2017, he purchased a $1.8 million estate in Burbank, California. From then on, the rates of this property have multiplied. Estimates suggest that it has almost become double the value that he purchased it for.

He was ranked among the top rappers in the US in a span of a few years. Due to this, he was a part of multiple multi-million dollar collaborations and projects. It gave a boost to this net worth that went on increasing year by year.


Making a spectacular debut with N*gga Bangaz in 2014, PnB Rock never looked back. Particularly his hit singles and studio albums in 2016 made him an indisputable part of the spotlight. It was followed by the success of Catch These Vibes (2017) and TrapStar Turnt PopStar (2019).

Later his hit tracks like Friends, London and Scrub became chart toppers. Consequently, he ended up earning a decent sum of money from the internet through them. Alongside, their royalty made him earn a decent bonus too.

During these glorious years in the music industry, PnB Rock collaborated with several successful music artists. Some of them include Meek Mill, XXXTENTACION, Kodak Black, YFN Lucci and Ed Sheeran.

Apart from these iconic musicians, Rock has also had successful collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz.

Pnb Rock Net Worth 2023$3 million
Pnb Rock Net Worth 2022$2.7 million
Pnb Rock Net Worth 2021$2 million
Pnb Rock Net Worth 2020$1 million

Childhood and early life

The inspiration for creative people often lies in the hard realities or experiences of their lives. A similar life story followed PnB Rock. Rakim Hasheem Allen whom we know as PnB Rock was born on December 9, 1991.

He hails from the Germantown Neighborhood of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He comes from a Muslim family. One of the first tragedies that he had to face was at the age of three when his father was murdered.

After his father’s demise, he was raised solely by his mother. Throughout his teen years, he grew up listening to popular rappers. It included rappers like 2Pac and R&B group Jodeci. All this took place as they stayed in  Northeast Philadelphia.

Despite listening to good rappers, PnB Rock did not decide at that point that he wanted to be a rapper or a musician. Moreover, he wasn’t even interested in becoming one. As he had no clear direction in life, he felt lost at a young age that shaped his personality to a certain extent.

Mother’s support

PnB Rock saw his mother bear a huge financial burden for him. Being a single parent she had to raise PnB Rock and his four other siblings. In several interviews, he revealed that during childhood they used to often change homes due to this.

When he was merely 13, he committed robberies and engaged in fights in this school. Following the incident, he was sent to a youth detention program. It impacted him to a certain level.

Further, things became more difficult for him when his uncle and father figure was murdered. He was only 15 at the time. It was this when he lost control and hit the streets on the run.

At the age of 19, he went to prison for 33 months. This time he was caught while possessing illegal drugs and committing other sorts of crimes. It was then that he began writing his musical journey. So, his initial struggles were experiences on the streets.

When he was released from prison, PnB Rock was homeless for some time. At the same time, due to all this, he could not complete high school. But, he never forgot his roots.


The beginning of PnB’s career was much like a movie plot. When PnB was released from the county jail, he made a plan to use the songs that he had written during his time in prison.

He took a stage name PnB Rock, which in itself is a homage to Pastorius and Baynton. They are the names for the street corners where he spent his growing years. They are situated in Germantown.

Following it, the newcomer released a series of three mixtapes. It was under the title RNB.

Given the skill of his writing and strong emotions that resonated with the people, the music was picked up locally. The local radio stations and nightclubs began playing it.

It was in 2014 when he released  Real N*gga Bangaz. It was written when he was incarcerated. In the following year, he got a big initial breakthrough when he signed a multi-year contract deal with Atlantic Records.

With the signing, the first project under their label was RnB3. It was his third mixtape.


In 2016, he released Selfish. It was listed at number 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The same year in October, he was listed among the 10 New Artists You Need to Know by  Rolling Stone.

In early 2017, PnB released a mixtape album, GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions. It was under the same records company. Taking a quick jump, it debuted at 28 rank for the US Billboard 200 chart. Also, he worked on the soundtrack of The Fate of the Furious with a few singles. As a result, he was ranked among the 10 members of  XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class.

Another high for PnB’s career came soon when he featured on Ed Sheeran’s song Cross Me. It was along with  Chance the Rapper. This was from Sheeran’s album No.6 Collaborations Project.

In January 2020, he released a track Ordinary. It featured late rapper Pop Smoke.

In the following year, he featured for the late rapper King Von. It was on the song Rose Gold.

Finally came 2022, when he released the mixtape SoundCloud Daze. He supported different artists like Pasto Flocco, Iayze and Yung Fazo which showcased his supportive nature.

The last single that he independently released was Luv Me Again. It was in September 2022.


Although PnB did not get himself into major controversies while he was alive, it followed after his death.

After the news spread, there was a social media debate over the issue. The debate was based on whether his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang sharing their location in a social media post invited trouble for the rapper or not.

There were speculations that killers of PnB Rock tracked him using it. It was similar to the killing of Pop Smoke in 2020. Many people on social media blamed his girlfriend while others disagreed and blamed the actual shooters.

There were several theories around his death. Some even linked it to his previous label, EMPIRE Records.

After his death, Kodak Black was one of those who blamed his girlfriend. He shared a few unkind words blaming her for putting him in the situation.

On the other hand, Rap Legend J. Prince took to Instagram to share his picture. He went on to call out the ones who blamed his girlfriend.

Moreover, even Cardi B took to her social media blaming the shooters, not his girlfriend. She meant that Rock was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj encouraged people to not share their live location on social media. After some tap, YG came under criticism when he came up with the song “How to Rob a Rapper.”

Many people believed that it was an insensitive act following the recent murder of PnB Rock.

Personal life

There are not many details about his personal life in Media. He had a difficult childhood. But, when he grew to popularity and worked hard, he purchased expensive property and led a rather luxurious lifestyle.

He was aged 30 when he died and happened to be the father of two daughters. They are named Milan and Xuri.

His first daughter Milan Allen, was born on October 22, 2013. At that time, he was just 21 years old. The 8-year-old girl is native to Philadelphia. Fans got to see her glimpse frequently on her father’s social media handles.

He became a father for the second time in 2020. This time he welcomed his second daughter with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang. His daughter Xuri was born on March 27, 2020.

At the time, he shared the news on social media handles. Moreover, he even shared photos and videos of her while expressing happiness about the new addition to his life

PnB Rock Death

The death of PnB Rock shook the music industry. The incident took place on September 12, 2022.

It was at 1:59 p.m. (PST) when he was shot dead for robbery. The location of this incident was Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles near Main Street and Manchester Avenue in South Los Angeles.

On September 28, 2022, the LAPD confirmed that they had made arrests in connection to the mixer. It included an unnamed 17-year-old juvenile. Also, a 32-year-old woman, Shauntel Trone was arrested on the doubts of being an accessory to the murder.

The next day, the third suspect was arrested. He was the 17-year-old’s father, Freddie Trone. The 17-year-old and Freddie Trone were charged with one count of first-degree murder. In addition to two counts of second-degree robbery, and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery.

If he got convinced, then the 17-year-old was liable for life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. On the other hand, his father could face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty.

In October this year, the case took a turn. New defendants Tremont Jones and Wynisha Evans appeared in court.

The investigation authorities held the view that Jones alerted the alleged killers to PnB Rock’s location. Otherwise, earlier it was considered that his location was seen through his girlfriend’s Instagram post which already caused an uproar and debate on social media.

Also, the prosecutors allege Evans drove Freddie Trone from Los Angeles to Las Vegas after the murder. However, both of them have pleaded not guilty.

As per the police, the rapper was with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang at the time of the incident.

PnB on social media

As an active rapper, PnB Rock had a presence on multiple social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and X. He used to share his daily insights from his personal and professional life. Also, he had a decent number of fans and followers supporting him there.

He had 28.5 L  followers on Instagram.  He had posted 128 videos and held 2.28 M subscribers on his YouTube Channel. That’s not all he had 944 K followers on his Facebook Page and 502 K followers on X.

After his death, the accounts are still present on Social Media Platforms. Although, there are no new posts on them.

PnB Rock Instagram@pnbrock2.8m
PnBRock Twitter@PnBRock29.7k
PnB Rock Facebook@PnB Rock944k
PnB Rock YouTube@user-fg8pt8pp3o2.28M subscribers

Income Streams

Apart from making music, PnB Rock and a few other Income Streams as well like:

  • Annual earnings from album sales
  • Streaming royalties for his popular music
  • Earnings from his World Tours
  • Merchandise sales.

Final thoughts

Singer and Rapper PnB Rock aka Rakim Hasheem Allen, became a fan favorite due to his music. It instantly connected with the hearts of fans who admired him and his music. As a result, they quickly became chartbusters.

His initial songs particularly focused on the struggles that he bore as a child and featured with several top artists including Ed Sheeran. Although the entertainment world never goes without gossip he stayed away from major controversies.

Undoubtedly PNB’s net worth was growing day by day, with his increasing career growth. However, things came to a standstill for the young rapper with his sudden death which left a deep void in the lives of his fans.

Despite his death, he will continue to stay in the lives and hearts of his fans through his music for many more years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the Full Name of PnB Rock?

Rakim Hasheem Allen is the full name of PnB Rock. He took the stage name as a rapper and paid homage to the streets where he grew up.

2. When did PnB Rock die?

PnB Rock was shot dead and robbed on September 12, 2022. He was in LA at night with his girlfriend when the incident took place. Three suspects are under arrest for allegedly killing the 30-year-old rapper.

3. What was PnB Rock Famous For?

PnB Rock was a stage name for Rakim Hasheem Allen. He was an American rapper and Singer known for his music.

4. What was Pnb Rock net worth at the time of death?

PnB Rock had made $3 million by the time of his death.


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