The power of voiceover in fashion branding


In any industry, it is vital to make your brand stand out above the rest. That’s especially important in America’s cut-throat fashion industry, where being different and recognizable in a crowded marketplace is paramount to success. A creative and innovative advertising campaign helps build brand recognition, and voiceovers are just as important as visuals – sometimes even more so.  Here we look at how well-crafted and professionally delivered voice work can give one fashion brand the edge over the competition.

What is voice over and how is it used?

A voice over uses a human voice to deliver a marketing message. It can be used across various media including TV or radio commercials, promotional and catwalk videos and so on. The voice over artist is tasked not only with delivering a script, but doing so in a way that resonates with the target audience and highlights the brand’s image. The voice over adds emotion, personality and credibility to the brand’s marketing message. The idea is not only to promote a particular product line but also to increase brand awareness and ultimately, customer loyalty. 


Leveraging the power of voice over in fashion advertising


We are constantly bombarded by marketing messages in our day-to-day lives. Switch on the TV or radio and there will be ads. Open a smartphone app and you’ll see banners and popups. Drive down the freeway and you’ll see lines of billboards. We tune most of them out, but some resonate. When a TV or radio ad sticks in our mind, that is often through the power of voice over.


Done right, it can create an emotional connection with the audience and get you to listen, where your attention might otherwise wander. There’s an old cliché that some people could read their laundry list and capture your attention. That is the power of a talented voice artist. 


Why use professional voice actors?


You might argue that anyone can read out a script. That’s true, but also, anyone can change the oil on a car or replace a fluorescent tube. However, most businesses don’t do their own vehicle servicing or facilities maintenance. They outsource the work to professionals because, on the one hand, they want it done properly and on the other, staff have their own work to do without having to do something that is outside their area of expertise. 


The same applies with voice work. Professional voice actors can bring the best to your script by reading it properly, professionally and in a way that brings the full potential of the spoken word and captivates your audience. When you hire voice actors for your brand, you can choose from US and international voice artists with different tones, accents and so on, and that voice becomes an identifiable component of your brand.  


How do you select the right voice for your fashion brand?


In building a successful fashion brand, you will spend time thinking about visual aspects such as the logo, color scheme, tagline, web design and so on. Voice is sometimes overlooked, but it is an important aspect of the brand and is a way to convey personality and ethos. 


Choosing the right voice is part of telling your brand’s story. That story will dictate whether you choose a deep and sultry voice, or a lively and excitable tone. Your brand’s roots will help you choose whether an American, British, French or Italian accent is most appropriate. 


Examples of successful fashion branding using voice artistry


The top fashion brands have made shrewd use of voice artists for years. For example, Chanel uses a clearly defined tone of voice that reflects its target demographic. It is a high-end sophisticated brand aimed at glamorous and discerning women in the 20 to 45 age range. It uses sultry female voice artists with French accents to reflect Chanel’s Parisian roots. Conversely, men’s casualwear brand Oi Polloi stresses its casual unfussy roots, using a voice with a regional accent to talk about the “stuff” in its latest range. 



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