7 Effective Tips for Successfully Managing Commercial Properties


Despite of many differences, commercial property managers often need clarification with residential property managers. Both parties have something in common like leasing agreements or tenant management. 

The scope of work for a commercial property manager is huge. It comes with a unique set of challenges that automatically broaden the list of responsibilities. 

If you are a commercial property manager, this write-up can be beneficial for you. Today, we will be discussing 7 important tips for commercial property managers

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Quick Summary On Managing Commercial Properties

As a commercial property manager, it’s your duty to take care of a few tasks like maintaining the office building, keeping tenants satisfied, using applications and software to help you track and manage your tasks properly, and also keep upgrading your property per its need.

Additionally, it is a commercial manager’s responsibility to track the time and amount paid by the renters. Also to look after if they maintain the rules and regulations to avoid possible regulation breaches.

1. Use Commercial Property Management Software 

Working hard and smart is equally important when handling commercial property. Managing office spaces, rental details, transactional details, and regulations must be difficult.


Investing in software will help you organize and track your tasks. The remembering will be taken care of for you by a high-quality commercial property management software package, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on the things that really matter.


Find software that can track and record
  • Total monthly investment
  • Rental Income Rate
  • Types of tenants based on property types
  • Applicable local and federal laws
  • Work orders for property maintenance 
  • Scheduled clean-ups, check-ups, and appointments 

2. Utilize Your Space 

Space utilization is a major concern for property owners hoping to increase the value of their holdings, and facility managers seeking to streamline operations. On the other hand, tenants hoping to get the most out of their leases.

The key to efficient use of space is determining the maximum number of people that can fit there without being congested or inefficient. 

To maximize efficiency, you may uncover underused areas and improve your management methods by comparing the amount of space individuals require vs how it is currently being used.

Important metrics to take into account
  • Peak daily usage by space
  • Average of a zone’s highest use
  • Time-of-day occupancy

3. Upgrade Frequently 

Making updates on your facilities can be beneficial for your property in so many ways. It may sound expensive to upgrade, change, and replace with the better ones. End of the day, it will always be worth it.

You can bring newness to the space with more amenities and even work on the interior design.

Some cost-friendly updates will include
  • Light Fixtures
  • Smoke Detectors
  • CCTV Camera Installation
  • Bringing Copy Machines
  • Projectors or Televisions for Entertainment

Working on these small details can enhance tenant satisfaction and improve the quality of your property too. 

4. Active Property Management Plan 

A basic property management system is not always enough. Therefore, expert commercial property management should be a priority for every manager. 


Preventative property management will lessen the time needed for reactive management and protect you and your renter. 


An ideal property management plan should include
  • Upgrades and replacements of the furniture, software, and other usable objects.
  • Safe electrical system
  • Pest control
  • Normal wear-and-tear
  • Strict code violation maintenance
  • Improved Infrastructure
  • HVAC and ventilation systems and
  • Plumbing facility 

5. Keep Your Tenants Satisfied 

It is more difficult to manage and keep your tenants where they are than lose them. Your official property might be expanding or outgrowing spaces and anything could be the reason that you can lose an unsatisfied tenant.


You can keep them happy by using these useful tips though
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Maintain and upgrade the property
  • Offer incentives and rewards
  • Be flexible and accommodating
  • Build empathy and trust

Building a good connection with your tenants is an effective way to keep them happy and satisfied. Look into their problems. If they are complaining about something, try to resolve it as soon as you can. 

6. Data Analysis 

Data analysis works a great deal as a part of property management. Frequent data analysis can detect anomalies and make automatic adjustments where needed. It can also make suggestions to address the malfunctions of a system.

7. Demonstrate Real Environmental Benefits

Show your tenants the actual environmental benefits like controlled air quality. Don’t just tell them your property is the safest option for them. Prove it to them. You can prove it to them with a set of objective data. 


For example: ventilation can automatically adjust with the air quality sensor data and habitation. Any tenant will be reluctant to leave a space that guarantees environmental benefits.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Choose The Best Commercial Manager For My Business Property?

Seek out experts with a proven track record in managing commercial properties. Request references and evaluate their experience with the particular kind of property you own.

What Part Does Technology Play In The Management Of Commercial Real Estate?

Technology helps with duties like financial tracking, communication, and leasing management by streamlining processes. Software for property management can improve organization and efficiency.


We are living in an advancing country where commercial properties with high-rise buildings need special maintenance. As a commercial management, the first and foremost way to manage your official space is to keep your tenants happy. Keep proper track of their demands and utilize your space to meet their most benefits. 


Upgrading, analyzing, and keeping a record of regular transactions and valuable information can lead to successful commercial property management. For managing commercial properties and security-related solutions, Sentry Security Service Limited has amazing options. 


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