How Custom Swing Sets Create Unforgettable Childhood Memories


If you’re looking for a fun and safe way to get your kids outside and pumping their legs, look no further than a custom swing set. But how do you choose the right one?

This affordable wooden option offers maximum fun without taking up much space. It includes two swings, a wavy slide, a rock wall for climbing, and a shaded clubhouse.

They’re Beautiful

Custom swing sets are the perfect way to get your kids and their friends outside and have fun. It also allows them to socialize and develop healthy, long-lasting friendships. Plus, it helps them stay active and improve their physical health by leaps and bounds – something they can’t do sitting inside watching reruns of their favorite TV shows!

A custom playset from Cedarworks allows you to design a set that fits your family’s unique needs and space. You can choose from trapeze swings, rock walls, and wooden playhouses. And these sets aren’t just beautiful — they’re also immune to rot, rust, and pests, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep. The only limit is your kids’ imaginations!

They’re Durable

With proper care, swing sets can last for decades. They are also environmentally friendly, as most are made with wood sourced from responsible forests.

Before buying a swing set, consider the available space in your yard, how many children will use it, and their ages. Then, choose a location free of obstacles, such as trees and rocks, which could pose a safety risk. You should also check the area regularly for signs of wear and tear, like rust or splintered wood.

Using a custom-built swing set can be an excellent way to help kids stay active and create unforgettable childhood memories. The possibilities are endless, so you can customize your playset to fit your family’s needs and preferences. This includes adding accessories like monkey bars, rock climbing walls, and pirate ship wheels!

They’re Safe

When you purchase a custom swing set, you can rest assured it is designed safely. They are constructed of extra-thick, oversized redwood and stainless steel hardware. They also feature rubber-coated swing chains to prevent children from pinching their fingers.

You can help ensure the safety of your kids by walking into your backyard with a tape measure and marking out a space that is big enough for the swing set you want to install. Most manufacturers will provide updated drawings throughout the design process so you can clearly see how your playset will fit in your yard.

Additionally, choose a set with two ground anchors for each swing beam to reduce the chances of tipping during rigorous play or heavy winds. You’ll also want to look for a solid 4×4 wood support structure and A-frame instead of the cheaper 2x4s in some low-cost sets.

They’re Affordable

Adding a swing set to your backyard can be a great way to encourage outdoor play and provide children with a fun and memorable activity. In addition to providing physical benefits, such as exercise and boosting hand-eye coordination, swing sets can promote social and emotional development and help children develop a sense of belonging.

You can find a wide range of swing sets on the market, from simple metal frames with a few swings to elaborate playsets with monkey bars and climbing walls. Consider the size of your yard and the age and interests of your children when choosing a swing set.

For more fun ways to use your swing set, try turning it into an obstacle course or playing classic games like tag or hide-and-seek. With proper care, your entire family can enjoy a custom swing set for years.

They’re Personalized

Creating a customized playset is a great way to turn any backyard into an outdoor playground for your kids. Cedarworks’ online design system allows you to choose from various fun accessories, such as ladders, ropes, bridges, monkey bars, rock wall climbers, and more!

Whether they’re swooshing down the slide, swinging in the air, climbing, or imagining, your kids will have the time of their lives playing on a custom-built swing set. They’ll also be able to make lasting memories that will last a lifetime.


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