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The furnace offers a reliable source of warmth when the temperatures dip. Even a top-tier model, installed impeccably and built to withstand abuse, will fail if the system is neglected. Homeowner care and upkeep are essential, along with professional preventive maintenance and inspections.

As a homeowner, you don’t need to be versed in the system’s mechanics or have special tools or equipment for basic care and upkeep.

The intricacies of the equipment will be handled with preventive maintenance and tune-ups with a professional credentialed and qualified contractor who will keep the unit running at peak performance.

An example of a leader in this industry is Houston Smart Air. Companies like these prioritize the best interests of the homeowners. They set up annual or biannual servicing where the contractor will inspect for defects, damage, or any signs of deterioration.

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The recommendation will be to correct these issues before major problems develop, at which point extensive and expensive repairs will be needed.

Tips On a Homeowner’s Furnace Care and Upkeep 

While a credentialed, qualified heating expert will maintain your furnace on a professional level, it’s important that in between service calls, you, as the homeowner, perform the necessary care and upkeep. These are simple tasks that don’t require complex knowledge or specialized tools.

In fact, you can likely find details in the owner’s manual and will receive basic instructions when the contractor installs the equipment. Here are some regular care duties to incorporate into your routine.

The filters

A primary task that needs to be routinely handled is changing the furnace filter to keep the heating system functioning efficiently.

When the filter is allowed to become clogged or dirty, the airflow will become restricted which will cause the heating system fans to work harder to try to circulate the air when moving the heat throughout the household. Filters are supposed to remove particles, debris, and dust from the air.

A clogged filter is ineffective. The recommendation is to buy high-quality filters and change them often, roughly every 30 days, particularly if you live in a location with a lot of “pollutants, pollen, dust, or pets in the home.”

Listen carefully

Pay attention for unusual noises when the furnace is running. If it doesn’t sound natural, a major problem could be developing within the system. A few sounds to be aware of include the following:

·        Slaps

If you hear a slapping sound similar to a card hitting a bike’s spokes, the blower motor could have something stuck inside the fan blades.

·        Pop/bang

Ductwork metal that contracts/expands can sound as though it’s banging or popping. Another possibility is the burner for those who use natural gas as their fuel type. It could be having a combustion issue resulting in loud noises.

·        Scrape

The suggestion is that a blower motor wheel could be experiencing a problem if you hear sounds like metal rubbing against metal.

·        Screeches

Bad bearings are likely the issue with screeches.

In any of these cases, it’s essential to reach out to a professional repair contractor and report the sounds you’re hearing so the problem can be narrowed down and fixed.

The vents

The ductwark gathers a lot of debris, dust, and dander if you have pets. These should be cleaned every few years using professional services. While cleaning, the experts will assess for possible damage or leaks.

In that same vein, routine vent cleaning is critical for household air quality. These don’t need to be handled by a professional. The vent cover should be taken off in order to vacuum the interior thoroughly to remove the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris. This should be done at least once each year.

Final Thought

Many more rudimentary tasks must be handled between regular service calls. When the professional service contractor performs the annual furnace preventive maintenance and tune-up, review the basic homeowner care and upkeep you need to perform. Click here for winter furnace maintenance tips.

Also, this is the most reliable resource for advising how to use your heating system to gain the greatest efficiency and save the most in utility costs. The greater the efficiency and the more care put into your furnace, the fewer repairs and the longer its lifespan.


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