Whitney Wren Net Worth, Social Media, Career Growth, and More

What Is Whitney Wren Net Worth

In the age and time when social media is ruling the world, Whitney Wren is ruling social media. She has dominated the entire space with enthralling, entertaining, and engaging content. Whether it’s her fun TikTok videos or enticing beach pictures on Instagram, she is all over the place. No doubt Whitney Wren net worth is a hot topic among her fans and we’re here to uncover just that!

Everyone wants to know how much money this social media star makes through her social media content. So, here we are with the latest information about Whitney Wren. Read further to know about her net worth, age, relationships, and more.

Whitney Wren bio

Whitney Wren is an American social media star and model. She has a massive fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. She is also very famous on OnlyFans.

Whitney is white and follows Christianity. She is a bi-sexual. Currently, she lives in Florida. Whitney Wren net worth is estimated to be between $1million and $1.5 million.

NameWhitney Wren
ProfessionSocial Media Star and Model
Age25 Years
Height5 Feet 5 Inches (165 cm)
BirthplaceTampa, Florida, United States of America
EducationSeminole High School
DOBAugust 11, 1998
Zodiac SignLeo
Years Active2013- Present
SpouseTyler Hearing
ParentsLate Shannon Lee Wren (Father)

Early life and education

Whitney was born on August 11, 1998, in Tampa, Florida, United States of America. Her father, Shannon Lee Wren, was a famous entrepreneur and drag racer. Unfortunately, he died in 2011. Not much is known about her mother.

Whitney has three siblings, one real and two half. She was the second child of her parents. Whitney has an older brother. The name of her brother is Justin. She has two half-sisters (through her mother’s second relationship).

Whitney went to Seminole High School and graduated in the year 2017. She played for Lady Warhawks, the football team of her school.


Whitney Wren owes her career to social media. The fame and money she has received is due to her popularity across various social media platforms.

It all started in 2013 when Whitney created her account on Instagram. She started posting her pictures with her friends and family. Most of her Instagram posts are her beach pictures and selfies. Soon, she started getting recognized, and her number of followers soared.

She created accounts on TikTok, YouTube, and OnlyFans and started getting followers there as well. Soon, she became a popular face on social media. Some of her TikTok videos went viral, making her a household name.

She collaborated with brands and started posting promotional content. She also launched her merchandise line.

Social media presence

Whitney Wren is the reigning queen of the realms of social media. She has thousands of followers on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Whitney has 503k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account is a tantalizing collection of her beach vacation pictures. Apart from her beach pictures, she also posts pictures with her close friends. She also likes to give her fans a sneak peek into her workout sessions through her gym stories.

Whitney’s number of followers surpasses a million on TikTok. She is one of the most famous celebrities on TikTok. Around 2.2 million people follow her on this social media platform, and she has received 187.6 Million likes to date.

Wren posts a lot of funny content on TikTok. Most of her content revolves around her life with her partner Tyler, who is often seen in her videos. One of her most popular videos on TikTok is the one that uses audio from Euphoria (the famous TV series) in lip sync. This video has more than 1 million views.

Whitney Wren joined Twitter in July 2011. She has 94K followers on this micro-blogging site. She also has a YouTube channel, which she created on August 15, 2018. To date, she has posted seven videos on her channel, which have received 450,430 views collectively.

Her most famous video is Nashville Extravaganza! with 116K views. It is followed by DAY IN THE LIFE… THRIFTING!, which has 103K views.

Whitney Wren is also available on OnlyFans. Her OnlyFans account is accessible to her fans on subscription. She posts exclusive content for her subscribed followers on OnlyFans. Here are the details about her social media account.

Social Media PlatformSocial Media HandleFollowers/ Subscribers
Instagram@whitneywren1503 K
TikTok@whitneywren12.2 M
Twitter@WhitenyWren194 K
YouTube@whitneywren196334.9 K

Whitney Wren net worth

Whitney’s wealth comes from her social media channel. She is one of the most popular social media stars and models with a massive fan following.

Whitney Wren knows how to monetize her social media popularity. She has a tie-up with brands and posts promotional content for them. She uses her social media platform to promote her merchandise line. Her merch line includes apparel and air fresheners.

She also earns a good deal of money from her OnlyFans subscription plan. Whitney Wren OnlyFans subscription costs $14 dollars per month.

Paid promotion, merchandise sales, and OnlyFans are Whitney’s major sources of income. As of 2023, Whitney Wren net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Physical stats

Whitney possesses an enviable body and frame. She is one of the most gorgeous models and social media personalities. Looking at her gorgeous bikini pictures, anyone can tell that Whitney is a fitness freak.

Standing 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall, she weighs 121 pounds (55 kg). Her dark brown eyes complement her fair complexion. She has long and sleek brown hair.


Whitney often finds herself the subject of attention and intrigue when it comes to her relationship status. Apart from Whitney Wren net worth, her relationships are always the topic of discussion among her fans and followers.

In 2016, Whitney entered into a relationship with Michele Lundy, another popular social media star. The couple garnered a lot of love and attention from their fans. But they ended their relationship due to reasons unknown.

Currently, Whitney is dating her fellow TikTok star, Tyler Hearing. Whitney met Tayler on August 20, 2022, and they started dating in September 2023. On September 19, 2023, Tyler shared a video titled “I POPPED THE QUESTION” on his YouTube channel. He asked her to be his girlfriend, and Whitney said yes.

She often posts videos with Tyler on her social media. In fact, she posted their pictures only a few days back and captioned it- I love you.

Interesting facts about Whitney Wren

  • Whitney uses the hashtag #foryou in most of her posts on social media channels
  • She absolutely loves her bikini pictures. Her Instagram account is full of her pictures in stunning two pieces
  • Once Whitney Wren ex-girlfriend, Michele, and Whitney, temporarily changed their Twitter handles to Drake and Rihanna, respectively
  • Whitney is a fitness freak. She practices yoga daily
  • She also likes photography, singing, and reading
  • Whitney loves traveling with her near and dear ones
  • She posts many vacation pictures on Instagram
  • Since childhood, Whitney was passionate about acting
  • Whitney’s birth flowers are Gladiolus and Poppy

Final thoughts

Whitney Wren is a social media queen. Her popularity is rising with each passing day. May she keep getting love from her fans for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Whitney Wren?

Whitney Wren is a social media star and model from Florida, USA.

2. Where does Whitney Wren currently live?

Whitney currently lives in Florida.

3. How old is Whitney Wren on TikTok?

As of 2023, Whitney is 25 years old. She was born on August 11, 1998.

3. Why is Whitney Wren so famous?

Whitney Wren is famous for making videos on TikTok and posting her bikini pictures on Instagram.

4. What is Whitney Wren’s height?

Whitney Wren is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall.

5. What is Whitney Wren’s weight?

Whitney Wren weighs 121 pounds (55 kg).

6. What is Whitney Wren net worth?

As of 2023, Whitney Wren net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million.

7. How is Whiney Wren so rich?

Whitney Wren is a social media star and model. She makes money from brand promotion, merchandise sales, and her OnlyFans account subscription.

8. Who is Whitney Wren ex-girlfriend?

Whitney Wren dated her fellow social media star, Michele Lundy.

9. Is Whitney Wren single now?

No, Whitney Wren is dating Tyler Hearing.


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