Sunbrella: Choosing the Best Fabric for Outdoor Décor


The outdoor space of a home is as important as the indoors because such spaces provide relaxation spots and bonding spaces for friends and family. Most often, these outdoor spaces have minimal shade or even none at all. This necessitates using the appropriate pieces of furniture and furniture covers and fabrics.

So many people do not know exactly what to look out for when shopping for the right outdoor furniture, upholstery cover, or fabric. Items and furniture pieces that are appropriate in one region may be inappropriate in another region. This is based on several reasons, the chief of which is the weather/climate of the region. However, a little research will help you get ideas for furnishing your outdoor space.

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In this article, we will share some tips to help you choose the right fabric for your furniture after picking the right ones for your space. But first, let’s explore the different types of fabrics that can be used for outdoor furniture.

Different Fabrics for Outdoor Furniture

Materials that are used for the outdoors are usually graded based on how well they perform in different weather conditions and how durable they are.  That is why we will look at these different fabrics mainly in the light of their resistance to weather elements.

Solution Dyed Acrylic Materials

These materials are made from a liquid acrylic mixture with a dye that is spurned into yarn and then woven into fabric. It is considered the best material for outdoors because it can resist exposure to UV light for a very long time and is naturally resistant to water because of the production process.

They are also soft to the touch, just like most indoor furniture materials. One downside of this option is the limitation of colors and patterns, which is due to the process of manufacturing it. However, it is the number one option for patio pieces and well worth the high-end cost.

Olefins (Polypropylene)

Just like the above options, these are also solution-dyed and, therefore, possess the features that make for durability. They are also easy to clean, non-abrasive, and resistant to mildew and chemicals.

Marine-Grade Vinyl

This is also known as expanded vinyl – a versatile material that combines the feel and look of a high-quality furniture cover with weather-resistant features. It is one of the top options for high-traffic spaces such as restaurants and parks. It can be differentiated from regular vinyl by its ability to provide extra protection from UV exposure.

Additionally, this material is fade and mildew-resistant, anti-stain, and highly durable. However, the biggest downside is that it gets very hot in warm climates, which means it is not appropriate for such regions. You can click here for some tips on how to protect your furniture from mildew.

Spun Polyester

The method of manufacturing this material differs from that of solution-dyed acrylic materials.  These fabrics are first woven and then screen printed – this enables the production of many patterns and colors. Although this fabric is not as expensive as the solution-dyed ones, it is also not as soft to the touch. The material is usually rougher and stiffer to the touch and not as resistant to UV rays as the others.

Features to Look Out for in Outdoor Fabrics

Having examined the different materials that can be used (albeit briefly), you can deduce the one that will be best for your outdoor pieces. But for the avoidance of doubt, find below three major features to look out for as you go shopping for the fabric to use for your outdoor décor:-

Adaptability to Every Weather Condition

Fabrics that do well in exterior spaces are those that can withstand any kind of weather. They have to be resistant to UV rays, water, and moisture resistant and also not susceptible to deterioration from mildew and chemicals. Additionally, they must also be durable and color-fast

Ease of Maintenance

The fabric you choose must be easy to clean and maintain. Since you are using this piece outside, you should be prepared to clean/wash it regularly. Therefore, this means that the material must be colorfast and durable; the color will not easily fade out, nor will it lose its feel and look due to constant cleaning.

Fade Resistant

The best way to get this feature is to look out for materials that are made with solution-dyed acrylic fibers that lock the colors into the material. Look out for options such as sunbrella fabric, with a reputation for long-lasting colors. Note that these solution-dyed fabrics are high-end and, as such, will not cost the same as the other options, but you are sure to get value for your money.


Putting together a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space does not have to be hard work. All it takes is a little time and effort to learn the basics and get it right. We have shared some tips for choosing the best fabric for your outdoor décor; bear them in mind for the desired result.


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