Should I Get Peaked or Notched Lapels on my Tux?


Do you have something to do in Utah and need a tuxedo rental in Salt Lake City? There are a lot of decisions to be made – what color tuxedo do you want? Do you want to wear a bow tie or a regular tie? You’ll also have to choose the type of lapel you want on your jacket – do you want peak or notch lapels? If you’re not sure about the difference between peak and notch lapel, we’re here to help.

Notch Is More Like a Business Suit

When you see a jacket with a notch lapel, you’re going to be visualizing something less formal. You might wear it to a business meeting. You’ll still look excellent while wearing it, but it’s a bit of a step-down in terms of formality. This type of jacket would also fit in with semiformal events. In fact, a jacket with a notch lapel is not considered a tuxedo — the other two styles that we will mention fall under the criteria of being tuxedos.

Peak is More Formal

When people think of tuxedos, they tend to think of the jacket with the peaks. They give off an air of formality, and people wear these things to all kinds of formal events, like weddings, state dinners, awards shows, especially if they are going to be on the red carpet.

There’s one other type of tuxedo that we haven’t mentioned here – a shawl tuxedo, which is just one smooth continuous satin curve. These can also be worn to all kinds of formal events. But people mostly are choosing between a peak lapel and a notch one.

Tuxedos, which are also known as “dinner suits” have been around since 1865, when King Edward II debuted it. The shawl style was popular, and it made its way to America in the 1880s. Since then, it’s gone up and down in popularity, and the peak lapel has spent time in the spotlight along with the shawl. While business casual was the norm for a long time, people still like wearing tuxedos to weddings and other events, like dinners on cruise ships, which sometime have formal requirements.

When picking the lapel, also think about your body type. How will it look while you’re wearing it? Will it flatter you, or will you want to hide photos of yourself wearing it for the rest of time? Talk with experienced tailors who can offer advice before you go ahead with any rentals. That way, you won’t feel like you wasted money.

A tuxedo can make you feel like you’re among the elite. By having a good one on, you have much more confidence while you’re wearing it. That will help you enjoy the event that you’re attending and not leave you feeling like you’re better off being a wallflower.

They say that clothes can make the man. While many sayings can be wrong, this one can ring true. Having the perfect combination of color, tie, and lapel, along with a perfect fit will have you stealing the show. That’s worth the money you pay to rent the tuxedo.


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