How to choose solid wood bathroom cabinets?


Bathroom furniture is equally or more important than other elements such as sink, toilet, shower tray, etc. And thanks to bathroom furniture we can have our bathroom organized, with design and style, in addition to giving it comfort. They are a fundamental piece in our bathroom since they perform a practical as well as a decorative function.

The main thing when we are going to choose bathroom furniture is to be clear about the decorative style we want for our bathroom, in addition to the space available for the location and distribution of elements.

Types of Materials:

For the bathroom we must take into account that the furniture will be subjected to situations of constant humidity, therefore, water-repellent bathroom furniture must be chosen. Furniture that is resistant, durable, and especially easy to clean. Wood finishes usually give good results but there are others:

– Wood: It is a noble, classic material that brings warmth to the room. If you choose this material, you should opt for wood that is resistant to humidity or that has been treated. Solid wood bathroom cabinets increase the price of furniture, so we must always consider all the possibilities that adapt to the available budget.

– MDF: It is cheaper than wood and has great resistance to abrasion and humidity. It is manufactured with medium-density wood chips glued and pressed and then covered with a melamine or lacquer finish, which guarantees its protection.

– Chipboard: It is undoubtedly the most economical material, made up of larger wood particles than MDF, however, its resistance is lower.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets:

Solid wood bathroom cabinets have been undoubtedly the star material in furniture manufacturing for a long time. The fact that it is such a versatile and resistant material has been highly valued over the years by great interior designers and architects.

Its properties of resistance, durability, and warmth make it functional and preferred by everyone when it comes to furnishing the different rooms in our home. In bathroom furniture, it is a timeless and long-lasting option. A material that gives our bathrooms a traditional, classic, rustic, or sophisticated appearance.

What style to choose for your bathroom?

In bathrooms, wood provides warmth and a cozy and intimate air that characterizes this room in the home. Bathroom furniture made of wood is durable, strong, elegant, and comes in various styles.

Rustic and classic style wooden bathroom furniture:

Both rustic and classic are elegant and sober styles that give the bathroom great character. The rustic style, with straight and solid lines or with slight conical finishes on the ends of the legs, and soft curves. Rustic models are ideal for a traditional decoration style. Its style evokes that of country houses so in contact with nature.

If what you are looking for is to give an elegant character to your bathroom, classic bathroom furniture can help you. This model offers a style that evokes other times. They are pieces of furniture that usually have more rounded lines, with legs and handles of a more classic style.

Vintage and Elizabethan-style wooden bathroom furniture:

The Vintage bathroom furniture offers us a retro style and the Elizabethan one offers something more neoclassical. Both provide elegance creating a cozy place. Its lines can be straighter and simpler as in the Vintage style or more rounded and complicated as in the Elizabethan style. They give us a retro look but with modern finishes.

The vintage bathroom furniture offers us the style of the past but adapted to new times with straight lines, new materials, and the elegance and romanticism of an original and unique touch. They are old-style furniture, with a worn appearance.

If what you are looking for is a baroque style, the Elizabethan ones are ideal. With rounded lines and cabriole legs, they give it unique characteristics. Accompanied by an ornate mirror, it will give an appearance of elegance and sobriety that will make our bathroom a unique and unrepeatable place. They are usually larger pieces of furniture so they need a larger bathroom for their placement.

Modern-style wooden bathroom furniture:

For those who prefer a minimalist style, modern furniture reproduces the Nordic essence with beautiful details on the sink or taps. Its main idea is functionality and practicality, making the most of the bathroom space.

Modern bathroom furniture usually incorporates large drawers where everything stays in its place or large doors. They can be suspended, which makes us gain visual space, or with simple, straight legs that make cleaning this area easier. Straight designs with varied colors but where white and gray gain ground with built-in or sink-type sinks and straight taps to make the bathroom furniture an object of decoration. The finish can be imitating textures or glosses.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets are found in all possible sizes and with reduced funds making it ideal for youth and children’s bathrooms given its versatility.


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