What You Need To Know About Gifting A Property In Dubai?

Gifting A Property In Dubai

Dubai, known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and a booming real estate market, is a popular destination for property investments and acquisitions. For those seeking to gift a property, understanding the intricacies of this process is crucial. Whether you’re a resident or an international investor, collaborating with experienced Dubai estate agents can make the property gifting process more seamless. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about gifting a property in Dubai.

Understanding Property Gifting in Dubai

Property gifting in Dubai is the process of transferring the ownership of a property from one party to another as a gift, without the exchange of money. This practice is a common way of showing love and affection within families and social circles. However, there are essential legal and procedural aspects that both the donor and the recipient must be aware of before proceeding with such a transaction.

Key Parties Involved

The Donor: The individual who wishes to gift a property is referred to as the donor. This person will be transferring their ownership rights to the recipient without any financial consideration.

The Recipient: The recipient is the person who will receive the gifted property. It’s important to note that the recipient is not required to be a family member; it can be anyone chosen by the donor.

The Legal Framework

Property gifting in Dubai is regulated by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The DLD sets out guidelines and procedures for executing property gift transactions to ensure they are carried out legally and fairly.

Here are the key legal aspects to consider when gifting a property in Dubai:

Eligibility: Only properties that are fully owned by the donor can be gifted. This means that properties with existing mortgages or any form of shared ownership are not eligible for gifting.

The Gift Deed: A gift deed is a legally binding document that formalises the transfer of property ownership from the donor to the recipient. Both parties must sign the deed, and it must be registered with the DLD.

Property Valuation: The DLD requires a fair market valuation of the property being gifted. This valuation serves as the basis for the applicable transfer fees and should be performed by a certified valuator approved by the DLD.

Gift Transfer Fees: While the property transfer itself may not involve the exchange of money, there are fees associated with the transaction. The recipient is usually responsible for these fees, which can include transfer fees and registration fees. It’s important to consult with the DLD or a legal expert to understand the current fee structure.

Inheritance and Tax Implications: In some cases, gifting a property may have implications for inheritance and taxation. It’s advisable to consult with legal and financial experts to understand any potential tax liabilities or inheritance issues.

The Procedure

The procedure for gifting a property in Dubai involves several steps:

Property Valuation: As mentioned earlier, the first step is to get the property valued by an approved valuator to determine the market value.

Gift Deed Preparation: Once the valuation is complete, a gift deed is prepared. This deed includes all the details of the property, the names of the donor and recipient, the valuation amount, and other relevant information.

Signature of the Gift Deed: Both the donor and the recipient must sign the gift deed in front of a notary public in Dubai. The notary public will attest the document, and it becomes legally binding.

Submission to the DLD: The gift deed is then submitted to the DLD for registration. The DLD will review the document to ensure it complies with all legal requirements.

Transfer Fees Payment: The recipient is required to pay the applicable transfer fees and registration fees to the DLD.

Issuance of New Title Deed: Once all the formalities are completed and the fees are paid, the DLD will issue a new title deed in the recipient’s name.

Updating the Land Department Records: The DLD will update its records to reflect the change in ownership.

Challenges and Considerations

While gifting a property in Dubai can be a heartwarming gesture, it’s important to consider some potential challenges and important considerations:

Tax Implications: Depending on the value of the gifted property, there may be potential tax implications, including gift taxes. It’s advisable to seek professional tax advice.

Inheritance and Family Disputes: Gifting property can sometimes lead to family disputes and inheritance issues. It’s essential to have clear communication and possibly involve legal advisors to prevent any future conflicts.

Eligibility and Mortgage: As mentioned earlier, not all properties are eligible for gifting, especially those with mortgages or shared ownership. Ensure the property is fully owned by the donor.

Legal Assistance: Engaging a legal advisor or real estate expert is highly recommended to navigate the complex legal and procedural aspects of property gifting in Dubai.


Gifting a property in Dubai is a unique and heartfelt gesture, but it comes with its own set of rules and regulations. It’s crucial to understand the legal framework, consider the financial implications, and seek professional advice when necessary. With the right guidance and proper execution, property gifting can be a memorable and meaningful way to express your love and appreciation in the vibrant city of Dubai.


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