Questions to Ask Before Appointing a Commercial Roofing Company 


Replacing a roof will be among the costliest investments in the business sector. One square foot on a new commercial roof will amount to hundreds of dollars. However, avoid choosing any roofing contractor haphazardly. A properly installed and well-maintained roof will assure you that your investments are safe years later.

Finding the best commercial roofing contractor means finding the person suitable for you. This goes hand in hand with the selection of a roofer depending on your requirements. Any professional roofing company should have a detailed plan of action. Listed are the questions to ask a commercial roofing contractor. 

What Type of Roof Does the Company Specialize in?

Different types of commercial buildings may have varied roofing systems. It is common for commercial buildings to have low-slope and flat roofs. You should inquire about the roofing company’s expertise in a specific type of roof you’re planning to install. A professional roofer will always abide by your requirements. 

Do They Have Commercial Roofing Experience?

Experience is a key factor in appointing a commercial roofing contractor. Find out from the roofer for many years they have replaced and repaired commercial roofs. Also, ask about the number of roofing projects that they have successfully handled over the years.

The complexities and requirements of commercial roofing are unique. Therefore, you need to select a commercial roofing contractor who can meet your project specifications.

Does the Roofer Has a Valid License and Insurance?

The need for hiring professional, licensed and insured roofer arises because of the need to complete your work in time. It assures you that the company is real and any accident on your property will not be charged on you. It is important to check that the roofing contractor has a valid license from local or state authorities.

Additionally, make sure they are insured for any possible damage. The company should purchase workers’ compensation insurance that should cover the company’s employees.

What is the Roofing Process?

The understanding of the roofing process enables one to judge the competence of the roofing company. Thus, you should inquire about the steps taken by the roofer. The Loon Lake Roofing contractors proceed by adhering to a specific plan. It usually consists of checking, selection of materials, and cleaning procedures.

Does the Contractor Offer a Warranty?

Reputable commercial roofing contractors offer workmanship warranty. It provides you with complete peace of mind knowing that the roofer offers warranties. Be sure to inquire about the details of the warranty before hiring a commercial roofer. It is crucial to ask whether they provide timely commercial roof maintenance after completing the project.   

What is the Safety Record of the Roofing Company?

Roofing is a hazardous task and the last thing you want in your commercial property are untoward incidents. Learn about the safety protocols followed by the roofing company. A roofing contractor with a solid commitment to safety will prioritize the well-being of their workers. They adopt proactive safety strategies that minimize the risk of accidents. 

Will the Company Provide the Written Estimate?

Commercial roofing projects are expensive especially due to different factors. To avoid any misunderstanding, you should insist on a written estimate from the roofing contractor. A written estimate is provided with the cost breakdown and extra charges of the project and its related materials. The estimate also assists in avoiding any disagreements over the costs of the roofing work.

How Much Does It Cost to Work with a Roofing Company?

This is one of the most crucial questions to ask before hiring a roofer. It is wise to get quotations from a number of roofers before you settle on one. This will guide you on how to get a good deal for your roof. Always remember that selecting a roofing company that’s affordable is not the right option. You should carefully weigh your decisions based on the roofing project’s cost before hiring the contractor. 

Is the Company Willing to Provide References from Other Commercial Clients?

Ask the roofing company for references from previous clients or building owners. Contact these references to learn about their experience of working with the roofing company. Positive references can provide you confidence in the company’s ability to deliver projects on time. 

These are some questions that you should ask a commercial roofing company before hiring them. Advance Roofing LLC is the best roofing company for commercial projects. They have completed numerous commercial roofing projects on time. 



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