Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy with Guest Posts


The digital marketing space is an ever-changing landscape and brands are always looking for new strategies to match present-day realities. One of the strategies used is guest posting and it helps to build site authority, brand visibility and strengthen and expand online presence.  Guest posting if tailored to fit specific audiences and niches can be a very powerful tool.

In this article we will explore the concept of guest posting and how to effectively use it and the benefits to be derived from its use.  Meanwhile you can read this article for other strategies for effective digital marketing.

What is Customized Guest Posting?

Guest posting is when someone writes content or blogs for another company or brand’s website. Companies or brands can request a one-off article from an authority source/writer or have a contract period for articles to be sent in by the guest writer or blogger.

Customized guest posting on the other hand is a strategy in content marketing that involves the creation of high quality articles and contents that are niche-specific. These articles or blogs are tailored for publication on external blogs or websites within a complementary niche or industry or those related to them.

The main purpose of this endeavour is to make relevant and valuable content available for a specific target audience and at the same time establish the author as an authority on the subject or in a specific field.  The entire process of guest blogging involves collaboration with other editors and website owners for the publishing of the contents created by guests.

Features of Customized Guest Posting

There are many components to this digital marketing strategy. While we cannot fully discuss every single component, we will endeavour to look at some very important ones below:-

  1. Niche Relevance – The content of guest posts is such that is relevant to the niche of the hosting website or the industry and most importantly, the target audience. It offers information, solutions or insight to the needs of the people that visit the host’s website and is also able to pique and sustain their interest which makes them keep coming back to the site.
  2. High Quality Contents – Another feature of these posts are contents that are well researched and informative that engages the reader or site visitor. Most often the articles are usually more detailed and longer than regular webpage articles or blog posts.
  3. Customized Approach – This would seem like a moot point since the subject matter already suggests it. However, we will still go ahead to emphasize that the contents dished out by guest writers or content creators are customized to complement or enhance the tone, format or style of the host site. This maintains the flow of the reading experience of the target audience as they cannot categorically say which content is generated by the host and which is outsourced.
  4. Targeted Link Building – This is one of the main focuses of the content from a visiting writer. The content creator creates links that lead back to the website of the author or some specific pages on their site and places them strategically within the content. This helps to direct traffic back to the creator’s site thereby enhancing their SEO campaign.  You can visit https://www.coursera.org/ for more details on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  5. Engagement of Target Audience –Even after posting content, the creator ensures that they actively engage the audience by answering their questions and responding to feedback and comments. This helps to build a rapport that moves visitors to members of a community.

The Benefits of Customized Guest Posting

From the features that we have discussed above, you can already see at a glance, the benefits that come from this endeavour. However, we will still take out some time to discuss some benefits below:-

Increased Visibility for your Brand

When you post contents on other sites apart from yours, it enables you to be exposed to people who may otherwise have never heard of you. With this exposure on websites that have already built a reputation in your niche, you are able to reach a wider variety of people.

You Gain Credibility and Authority

When you share your expertise by posting on host sites, you become noted as an authority in that niche.  Furthermore, the reputation of the site on which your content is featured lends a stronger credibility to your brand.

You Build Quality Backlinks

Guest blogging is an opportunity to improve the search engine optimization of your site because it allows you to add links that lead back to your website or a particular page on your site.  When you have backlinks from sites that are considered authorities in your niche it helps to enhance your ranking on search engines’ result pages.

Opportunity to Reach Your Target Audience

When you identify and reach out to authority sites in your niche and they agree for you to post your work on their site, you get the opportunity to reach your target audience. With this kind of exposure, you are able people who are more likely to need your services or be interested in your product.

Opportunities for Networking

The process of seeking out and canvassing for blogging as a contributor gives you the opportunity to meet other content creators and people in similar or the same industry. You get to be able to build working relationships with influencers in your industry and form collaborations that will strengthen your professional network and net worth.

Increased Traffic to your Website

Traffic to your website is increased all thanks to the backlinks that come from the host sites. Additionally, you can get more visitors to your site when the content they find on your site is informative and educative. You can even get referrals when people find the solution they are looking for on your site.

Suffice it to say that the benefits to be derived from using this digital marketing strategy are enormous and more far reaching than we have discussed here. But bear in mind that these benefits can come about if the strategy is implemented effectively and this brings us to the next point which is …

How to Create Customized Guest Posts

We have already stated that this process is one of the strategies of digital marketing. Executing effective customized guest posting requires that you have a well-defined approach and strategy. You have to ensure that your content is in tune with the style and niche of the host website and will be well received by their audience.

Find below some tips to help you:-

Identify and Research Websites that can be your Host

The first step in this endeavour is to identify the blogs and sites in your industry and niche that allow guests to post their contents on their pages. Look out for those that have the type of audience that you want and who also have a reputation for putting out relevant and top quality content. List as many of them as possible and get to work.

The work that you have to do at this point is to research these websites so that you have a clear understanding of the people they cater for, the subject matters that they cover and how they deliver their content. Also look out for the guidelines they have concerning contributions from guests.

Think of Relevant Contents to Share

Look at the sites that you have identified and figure out the type of contents that will appeal to their audience. Consider your expertise and how it can align to offer more robust insights to the subjects that the site covers. Note that the more relevant your expertise is in addressing issues and providing solution, the higher your chances for approval.

Contact the Host Sites

Come up with a well written pitch that you will present to the editor or owner of the site and then reach out to them. Bear in mind that each pitch must be customized; do not just do a generic pitch and forward to all the sites on your list. This defeats the purpose of the endeavour.

Introduce yourself to the contact person or whoever is in charge and let them know what your expertise is and how they can benefit from it.

Create High-Quality Contents

Start creating top quality posts as soon as your pitch is accepted. Remember that it is customized so content should be tailored to match the style and flow of the host site. Ensure that you research well so that your presentation will be engaging and informative. Do not forget to follow the introduction, body and conclusion style of writing for ease of reading and reference.

Also do not deviate from the standard of your host’s website in terms of writing style, formatting and tone. Look out for the fonts, heading and formatting used and be sure to use same so as not to break the reading flow of the target audience.

Additional Tips

  1. Use visual elements
  2. Provide value to your readers
  3. Use links that add value to your content
  4. Comply with your host’s guidelines
  5. Ensure that you proofread and edit
  6. Engage with your audience after your post is published
  7. Use your social media platform to promote your posts
  8. Maintain the relationships you have built


We have discussed some important things about customized guest posting; from what it is to its benefits and how to create effective posts. Bear the information shared here in mind as they will come in handy for your digital marketing campaign.



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