The gambling industry, and, specifically the casino environment, has been in operation for quite some time.  In recent years, online gambling has started to evolve.  The convenience of gambling from literally anywhere has surpassed expectations. 

Apart from the advances in digital technology and features, more and more casino games are offered online. And, with this also, copious amounts of online casinos have started to see the light of day, driving competition in the market to a fierce level.

Country rules and regulations still govern the basic functioning of gambling and casino facilities, varying between very lenient to exceptionally restrictive.   Taking heed of this, a new trend has emerged.  Sweepstakes Casinos came as the “Knight in Shining Armour”. 

Sweepstakes casinos quietly circumvent some of these all too strict regulations.  These offer players an opportunity to wager and play without using actual currency. This is a far cry from traditional casino credit where the player is forced to use his or her own money and the possibility of incurring an actual financial loss is very, very real.

What is sweeps cash?

In the traditional sense of a casino, play is governed by either the use of casino chips, cash, either by direct purchase or with the use of casino credit.  Sweepstakes casinos operate by way of the use of virtual currency.

This virtual currency is made available to the user in the form of gold coins or sweeps coins which are bartered for play.  In case of a win, this can be redeemed for a real cash or other prizes. 


How Sweeps Cash Works

If that makes sense, online casino with sweeps cash is something of an unreal real thing.  What it basically means is that you are not actually playing with real currency, but the cash payouts you can win, are real. 

This can be in the form of items such as shopping gift cards, (online) store credit or even the promise of actual money. 

A key concept in this field though is the fact that you can purchase further coin packages or gold coins for more play.  Or even win further plays. 

Traditional casino credits: An overview

In a regular casino, player currency works on a credit basis.  A marker is issued to a player whereby they use these to obtain cash or casino chips.

The marker is allocated based on the available credit limit in the player’s chequing account.  Funds used are then deducted 15 to 45 days later.  It also must be noted that casino credit differs by state law and regulation as well, as these are not offered everywhere.

If a player qualifies for credit and is issued a marker, they are free to enjoy all the casino offerings.  This allows them to accumulate more credit by either direct wins or scoring credit points depending on the type of games played.  

Knowing when to cash out after you finished is something entirely up to the player.  A lot of casinos have minimum cash-out limits, meaning you can only withdraw upwards from a certain minimum amount.  If this requirement is met and client details verified, payment is usually made after a certain period.

With regards to winning, there is usually a cap on the amount of money paid out immediately, e.g., $25 000.  Anything above this amount offers the option then for a lump sum payout or scattered smaller payments. 


Key differences between sweeps cash and traditional casino credits

As is common knowledge, the gambling industry is heavily regulated by country laws and restrictions.  This practice has prevented some people from making full use of the industry.

By way of a means to an end, sweepstakes casinos are run.  Working on the premise of receiving something without incurring a financial loss, bypasses a lot of this red tape and state laws and regulations. 

Sweeps cash or coins are not regarded as real money.  It does offer a player the chance to make use of all the gaming facilities and even be able to have the opportunity to win real cash or other prizes.  Whereas your traditional casino credit forces a player to use their own money, but still also with the added option of a win.

This nifty setup of sweeps cash offers a greater number of people the option to try their hand at play, especially those who might not be financially capable of doing so in a traditional sense. 

Making the playing field even more appealing has Sweepstakes casinos offering promotional or bonus play to one and all, also with the promise of a future win.

Pros and cons of using sweeps cash

Sweepstakes casinos with their trademark sweeps cash may seem like just another item on the menu for the proverbial casino industry, but it is, in fact, not all bad:

  •   Play for “Free”

So to speak.  Sweeps cash is not regarded as a real currency, therefore play is done without the use of real currency.  No threat of a loss is on the cards, only the possibility of a win. 

  •   Legality:

Sweepstakes Casinos are legal in most US states, this offers more players the opportunity to make use of these services.

  •   Promotional Offers:

Seeing as this form of business is mostly run based on a traditional sweepstakes, a lot of promotional offers are on the cards.  These are made available on the gaming site itself, or distributed via other means, such as on social media platforms. 

And also, not all good:

  •   Game Play:

Unlike their traditional casino counterparts, Sweepstakes casinos do not always offer all the amenities that you would usually find in this environment.  E.g., no live dealer games are available. 

  •   Limited Gameplay:

Apart from the limited available games on offer, there might also be certain restrictions on player freedom throughout the site, curbing the amount of play per game.


Although Sweepstakes casinos offer a wider playing field to everyone, the offer of sweeps cash might even end up making you “drunk with wealth”.  Playing without using money is enticing and has its distinct advantages.

In a disciplined environment, using regular casino credit might also be a good rule of thumb, as one would think to only play what money you have available. 

In both instances, there are wrong and right answers.  Discipline is key.  Deciding which route to follow is up to the player’s discretion but decide which level of gameplay you are at. Then build onto that what you want to barter for this moment of enjoyment, and then go from there.  


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