Most Popular Festivals & Events Across Europe


Europe, with its rich tapestry of cultures, boasts a captivating array of festivals and events. Each corner of this diverse continent pulsates with celebrations that encompass music, art, gastronomy, and tradition. 

These events not only serve as a reflection of Europe’s deep-rooted heritage but also as an invitation for all to experience its vibrant spirit. Let’s delve into some of the most cherished festivities that make Europe a celebratory haven for wanderers and locals alike.


Oktoberfest, traditionally held from late September to the first weekend in October in Munich, Germany, stands as Europe’s largest and most famed beer festival. Attracting millions from around the globe, the event is a jubilant celebration of Bavarian culture, featuring an array of traditional foods, lively music, folk dances, and of course, beer served in iconic one-litre steins. 

Beyond the libations, the event’s convivial atmosphere, resplendent parades, and age-old traditions cement its reputation. It’s not just a beer festival; it’s a testament to Bavarian heritage and a symbol of European camaraderie, making it one of the continent’s must-attend events.

Virgen del Carmen

On July 16th, the coastal town of Port de Pollença in Mallorca comes alive to honour the Virgen del Carmen, the Patron Saint of fishermen and mariners. As one of the significant public holidays in Mallorca, this celebration is marked by a medley of events ranging from concerts, art showcases, and sports competitions to vibrant parades that reflect the town’s maritime heritage. 

The festivity’s pinnacle is the maritime procession, a unique spectacle where the revered statue of the Virgin is paraded through the sea. The grand finale is a mesmerising firework display over the beach on the last Sunday night. 

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, an annual spectacle every May in the glittering city of Cannes, France, is the pinnacle of global entertainment. This festival is not just a cinematic event but a cultural phenomenon, showcasing the finest international films while attracting a galaxy of stars and film aficionados.

Though reserved for film professionals, its magnetism extends worldwide, with fans eagerly following every red carpet moment on social media. Highlighted by prestigious awards, the most coveted is the Palme d’Or. In 2023, at the 76th festival, “Anatomy of a Fall” directed by Justine Triet clinched this top honour, further amplifying the festival’s renowned reputation.

Amsterdam Light Festival

In the heart of winter, Amsterdam undergoes a luminous transformation. The Amsterdam Light Festival, slated for November 30, 2023, through January 21, 2024, bathes the city centre in brilliant hues, making it a radiant open-air museum. Custom art pieces crafted by renowned international artists, designers, and architects punctuate Amsterdam’s iconic canals and streets. 

With 30 mesmerising light artworks on display, visitors have the choice to wander on foot, cycle along, or sail through the illuminated cityscape. A visit during this time offers a unique blend of artistic expression and the charming ambiance of Amsterdam, casting the city in a whole new, glowing light.

St Patrick’s Day

Every March 17th, the UK dons a vibrant shade of green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, a tribute to the patron saint of Ireland. Across the country, streets come alive with parades showcasing spirited performances, traditional Irish music, and dancing. Revellers, adorned in green and wearing shamrocks, contribute to the jovial ambiance. 

Culinary delights like corned beef and cabbage grace many tables, while the frothy pour of a Guinness becomes a drink of choice for many. Amidst the lively celebrations, traditions like enjoying Irish tunes and partaking in themed festivities highlight the deep-rooted connection between the UK and Irish heritage.


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