4 Ways to Help a Child Cope With Trauma


Traumatic experiences can be very difficult for those involved, and it can become even more challenging when it has happened with children involved. Parents can play a vital role in helping children to heal through these traumatic experiences and can provide them with the support and resources they need. Having a strong support system will assist children in identifying the symptoms of what they are dealing with and help to set them up for a positive and bright future. Recovering in a healthy way is important for their future growth and development so knowing what to do and ways to help guide them through this difficult time will be extremely important for adults and parents in the children’s life.

Offer Safety and Security

Providing a safe and secure environment for children you have been exposed to trauma in their lives is a vital first step and a part of the overall process to cope and heal effectively. All children need to feel safe and wanted, but it will be extra important to offer a safe place, plenty of hugs, and a sense of security will go a long way for those whose lives have been turned upside down due to trauma. Even teenagers will benefit from the extra love if they have been exposed to difficult situations as well. 

Stick to Your Routine

Children find comfort in the predictability of a normal routine, and understandably, they will be shaken up in the aftermath of a horrible event. A beneficial way to help their world stop spinning is by offering a similar routine to the one they have enjoyed in the past. This predictable routine can help children feel a sense of normalcy that can help to give them the opportunity to cope with whatever they have gone through. Routines provide reassurance for children and that can look like regular mealtimes, household rules, and betimes. 

Seek Professional Assistance

In many cases, trauma events will be too great for any parent and child to deal with on their own. There are so many resources out there that can help to professionally assist a child through a difficult experience and provide valuable skills for coping and healing. Children’s therapy St. George will help to guide children through their trauma and can also help families cope with the whole event as well. Seeking help can prove to be beneficial for the child as they progress towards the future.

Practice Patience and Understanding

The effects of trauma are going to look different from child to child, and it can depend on the severity of the case as well. Children can feel emotions and changes in a big way but that does not make them any less significant or impactful in their lives. As adults, we need to be sure that we are practicing a high level of patience and understanding after a traumatic event has occurred. Be sure to act calm and to validate any feelings they are experiencing. They will need your kind and loving attention as they are going through this time. 


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