Types of Property Renovations


Property renovations include different types of projects that can help improve the appearance and functionality of the home. It can also allow the property to meet compliance requirements and boost property resale value. We have categorized property renovations into the following four categories. 

Cosmetic Renovation

Cosmetic renovation of a property refers to surface-level changes to improve its aesthetics.  For example, cosmetic renovation includes painting the walls, installing new tiles, updating fixtures, or replacing doors. Since cosmetic renovation is a visible improvement or enhancement,  it can significantly impact the property value. It can also have a major impact on people’s first impression of the property.  Along with improved aesthetics, cosmetic renovation can help with functional improvements. For example, replacing the kitchen or bathroom fixtures can improve their functionality. 

Energy-Efficiency Renovation

The property can be renovated to improve energy efficiency. This will help reduce utility bills and provide a more comfortable environment for the occupants. While some energy efficiency renovations are minor upgrades, others might require in-depth renovation. For example, adding insulation in the walls is a major upgrade to a property and can deliver a major boost to its energy efficiency. Insulation can also be installed on roofs and floors to minimize heat transfer. 

Other improvements include replacing traditional lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs and installing new HVAC appliances. Some property owners also install solar panels as part of the energy efficiency renovation. This can help reduce dependency on the electricity grid and reduce energy costs. 

Structural Renovation 

Structural renovation is often a more involved process that can include making modifications or repairs to the structure of the property. For example, If the roofing has been damaged or worn out, you should get roofing repair done. While structural renovation might not always make a difference to the appearance of the property, it can play a key role in its maintenance. 

For properties that are older, structural renovation can help modernize their appearance by adding or removing new sections. However, you should consult with an expert before starting any structural renovation of the property. A professional property renovation company can help you determine what type of renovation can be done. 

Outdoor Renovation 

Outdoor renovation includes enhancement of the outdoor spaces of the property, such as the patio, backyard, driveway, or lawn. Property owners can invest in outdoor renovation to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the property. This includes additions of outdoor features such as fire pits and seating areas. For property owners who like socializing, outdoor renovation provides them with more space for entertaining guests. A key advantage of outdoor renovation is that it improves the curb appeal of the property. This helps influence the first impression of the property, which is a key factor in determining its market value. 


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