The Surprising Benefits Of Water Massage


The use of massages to help injuries heal, reduce pain and inflammation, and even potentially cure illnesses isn’t a new phenomenon.

Massage became a common part of Ancient Chinese culture while the Ancient Egyptians relied on reflexology.

Today, massage is still a popular option. In some cases it’s used simply to help people relax, in others, it’s instrumental to their recovery. Of course, today there are many different massages available. It can be difficult to know which one to choose.

The Origins Of Water Massage

Water massage is also known as hydrotherapy. Hydro refers to water and reflects the fact that this type of massage uses water to provide pain relief and various other benefits.

That doesn’t mean the massage always takes place in a pool, although this is an option. There are several other options, including Lemi water massage beds, which’s an experience you won’t fully appreciate until you try it.

While hydrotherapy was common in Ancient times, its use largely died out in the Western world until the 18th century.

Surprisingly, hydrotherapy was a reaction by the medical community to the depersonalization of patient treatment thanks to modern medical practices. In short, it allowed the patient to feel part of the healing process.

By the end of the 19th century, hydrotherapy had become a recognized addition to the medical process and various clinics were established. This popularity has continued to grow and today is a recognized and respected option.

What Is Water Massage?

The aim is to use heat and cold on your body to aid healing. Cold water will reduce blood flow to an area and lower inflammation. This reduces pressure on joints and nerves, effectively reducing pain. The heat treatments increase the blood flow, allowing valuable nutrients to get to the injured area. This encourages healing.

The hot and cold treatment can be applied in a variety of ways. This includes immersion in water, localized packings, hot air and steam baths, compression bandages, and several other techniques.

In most cases, you’ll find a full-body immersion tank is used, although arm, hip, and even leg whirlpools are available. After the hot and cold treatments, it’s standard to receive a more traditional, hands-on massage. This can help to alleviate issues and encourage healing. Many therapists have found this type of massage is effectively delivered via water beds.

The Benefits Of Water Massage

There are several benefits associated with water massage, some of them may surprise you:

Pain & Soreness Relief

The most obvious benefit is a reduction in pain. As already mentioned, hydrotherapy reduces pressure on nerves, muscles and joints resulting in less pain. That can make a significant difference in mobility and quality of life.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Any type of massage relaxes the body and allows you to forget everyday stresses. Water massage does this better than most thanks to the feeling of being immersed in water, you’re literally taken back to having no care in the world.

That stress reduction will make you feel more positive about life and your ability to achieve your goals.

Naturally, the ability to escape the real world temporarily also means you’ll be less anxious. That means less cortisol in your body, which is a good thing. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and regular elevated levels increase the risk of a variety of age-related diseases. Hydrotherapy lowers cortisol levels, improving your mental and physical well-being.

Better Circulation

Water massage is effective at improving circulation. This is because being immersed in water reduces stress on your body. Combine this with tissue massage and blood is encouraged to a specific area. It can help you heal, but the improved circulation lasts long after the massage.

The improved circulation can improve your cardiovascular activity and potentially reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular issues.This means fewer episodes of chest pain and a better tolerance for exercise, all plus points.


Of course, hydrotherapy, particularly in an immersion tank, will reduce the mass of your body and make it easier to move stiff and aching limbs. This gentle movement can encourage injured muscles and joints to heal. You’ll be more mobile and better able to live a normal life.

Better Skin

Surprisingly, water massage can help your skin glow. It’s a combination of direct stimulation to the skin and better circulation. The result is your skin will glow and you’ll feel more positive and confident in almost any situation.

Summing Up

Hydrotherapy offers an opportunity for your body to heal, for you to gain better mobility, and improve your mental and physical health. Best of all, it’s a pleasurable experience.

In other words, you should be booking yourself a water massage as soon as possible!


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